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So You Think You Can Dance Starts To Narrow Things Down!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/04/2013 11:41 pm
So You Think You Can Dance Starts To Narrow Things Down!


Ben Patton
Staff Writer

Another week of So You Think You Can Dance has come and gone, and the dancers and choreographers are proving again why this is one of summer’s hottest shows. The opening group dance was fantastic; Tyce Dirori gave us a very whimsical number that was danced with ease by the Top 20. If you missed it, let’s check out what happened on the road to the Top 18.

In case you didn’t know already, the show changed it up a bit this year by cutting the results show to save funding. That means Cat reveals the bottom dancers at the beginning of this week’s show before we find out who gets the boot. Mackenzie, Alan, Mariah, Jade, Brittany and Carlos were called out in the beginning as the ones in danger. The judges have the ability to save one guy and one girl right off the bat and they chose to save Alan and Mackenzie. This means Mariah, Carlos, Jade and Brittany are the bottom 4 and will dance for their lives. After dancing their solos the verdicts are read and we find out that Carlos and Brittany will be leaving the show. We will still see them dance with their partners; which can’t be easy for them, but we’re happy to see them perform for us one last time.

The first couple up this week is Haley and Curtis with an upbeat Jazz routine. Dancing to “Mama Knows Best” by Jessie J., the couple busted out the sexy moves complete with Curtis grabbing Haley’s butt…he’s clearly getting over his nerves in regards to touching his partner. The judges loved it and Mary refers to Curtis as a “giggle bucket” before praising him for getting down and dirty. 

Next up, with a lyrical hip-hop routine by NappyTabs, are Aaron and Jasmine Harper. Nigel called them a “power couple” last week, and this week they continued to prove him right. Mary thanked them for the chemistry lesson and questioned the shows PG rating due to another sexy routine. Guest judge Christina Applegate says they are the couple to beat and Nigel appreciates the honesty in the routine and thinks the couple will be “very safe” moving on to next week.

The third couple of the night is Malece and Jade, with an entertaining Bollywood number. The couple seemed to be having a lot of fun during their upbeat routine but it didn’t seem like they were hitting all the moves with the gusto we’ve seen from past performers in this genre. Christina tells Jade he’s going to have to work harder to keep up with the more seasoned dancers and Nigel says he can never take his eyes off of Malece when she’s dancing and she’s a little star.

Alexis and Nico join choreographer Stacey Tookey for a military-themed contemporary routine, which proved to be their redemption from last week’s mediocre hip-hop routine. Mary says Nico was fabulous in this number and tapper Alexis was beautiful and real. Christina also gave high praise to the couple and Nigel says he’s excited to see them continue to grow.

Next up we have Brittany (who is dancing for the last time on the show) and BluPrint, who took us to school with a fun Broadway routine. Mary said she “adored” the piece and although BluPrint did a good job, Mary feels he’s gonna have to work harder on the technical work. Nigel and Christina both tell BluPrint that Broadway is about selling your face, and encouraged him to let it all go next time and show his personality.

We continue with Jasmine Mason and Alan with another great routine that showed off their chemistry and strength as dancers. The lifts in the number were numerous and executed brilliantly. Mary and Christina gave the couple a standing ovation, and Nigel called the final lift “magnificent.” 

Sean Cheeseman gave Paul and Mackenzie a sexy routine that was much more entertaining than the couple’s previous performance last week. Paul giggled about having to stick his head in Mackenzie’s chest, and Nigel wonders why all the choreographers have been so naughty this week. He loved the electrifying kiss at the end, and calls Mackenzie a star and Christina says Paul was giving her Patrick Dempsey inspired flashbacks to her younger years.

Mariah and Carlos give us the second Stacey Tookey routine of the night. It was strange to think after this incredible performance that Carlos wouldn’t be with us next week. Christina said America got that one wrong for sure. Mariah also proved her versatility in this piece and got high praise from the judges for her grace and execution of this number.

Fik-Shun and his partner Amy got a NappyTabs routine that gave the audience another fun, sexy routine. One of the best of the night, Nigel knew he would love the routine before they even started dancing; and feels like both dancers will find themselves in the finale if they keep up the amazing work. Christina loved it and called Fik-Shun “something special.”

The last couple of the night is Jenna and Tucker who cha-cha their way through another sexy routine. Jenna was hot, hot, hot and her chemistry with Tucker proved successful once again. Mary tells Tucker in the future he will need to pick it up technically, but that he did a great job partnering with Jenna. Nigel didn’t think it was enough of an old-fashioned cha-cha, and seemed to be taking a dig at Dimitri for a lack in choreography. Regardless, the couple executed the dance exceptionally and will definitely live to see another dance.

Will Mariah, Alan, Jade and Mackenzie prove to America they deserve to survive another week or will we see some familiar faces in the bottom next week? What are your predictions?


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