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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's Not All Sob-Stories And Demons In This Week's Supernatural

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/17/2014 12:30 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's Not All Sob-Stories And Demons In This Week's Supernatural  | Supernatural
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Flashback to 2003, where a kid sees his father killed in a pool of his own blood. Turns out Dean killed him. And, like I guessed three seconds into the episode, that kid grew up to be the man who kidnapped Sam and wants Dean dead. Bam. Antagonist motivation: revealed. Achievement unlocked. He gives Sam his sob-story and Sam tries to sympathize with him, but he doesn't get any answers, so he opts to torture them out of Sam. Dean is at a strip-club and is getting flirty with a stripper. He doesn't respect her (big surprise coming from Dean) and then when she tells him it's over, he fails to understand the concept of 'no means no'. A security guard comes to kick him out, but he starts beating his ass because yay senseless violence from a non-demon Dean. This is juxtaposed with the sob-story dude beating up Sam. Sob-story dude's wife and on call him, so he does something stupid and lets Sam out of his sight. When he looks back, Sam is gone. Crowley pops up to chat with Dean about his anger management issues. Sam calls Castiel for help and reveals he's a demon. Castiel falls asleep at the wheel so he and Hannah ends up in a ditch. Crowley reveals that Dean needs to kill like an addict needs drugs, so he might as well kill those who had it coming. Like a loving wife/mom Mindy who was cheating on her husband. She would divorce him and take 50% of everything, but the man Lester sold his soul instead. Now he has a deal with demons and Crowley wants Dean to be the one to kill Mindy. Dean goes to kill her, but then sees Lester in his car across the street and joins him. They have a semi-amusing chat, and Lester spouts some sexist bullshit about how his cheating on his wife (first, mind you) is "different" from hers because it's "science" and "men aren't built for monogamy because of evolution, we're programmed to, y'know, to spread our seed." Dean thankfully, mercifully, in what is the only moment I've liked his character for the last several seasons, punches Lester and breaks some of his bloody teeth. And then Lester insists that even if he's a loser, Dean works for him now and to get in there and do his job, you "'freak". Have I ever wanted a pathetically arrogant dude to die so bad? He's bullying the dragon and he doesn't even know it. And then he got shanked with the First Blade. Sam interviews the bouncer who got his ass kicked, and loser sob-story guy from before is watching him from his car. Minor shipping of Castiel x Hannah. Crowley is listening to a demon's pitch about how to increase demon conversion rates. Dean comes in and explains to Crowley how it went well and uses the term 'he's dead'. Crowley is in disbelief over how Dean killed the client. Crowley snaps at him and demands he doesn't turn his back on him, to which Dean replies by pushing him to the ground. Crowley demands Dean pick a side instead of hovering between 'human' and 'demon', and Dean asks him or else what and asks him to make a move. Dean continues to do that smug, arrogant, "I can do whatever I want and get away with it because I'm a tortured angsty main character who can get away with it because I act like a douche with this creepy smile" smile. The one I hate. Only slightly. Then they break up. Aww. I was shipping Drowley. Hannah went to see Metatron and ask him about Castiel's grace and if there's any left. He says he'll leave the planet and give Cas his grace back if he gets his freedom, and that it will leave Castiel large and in charge again, and says he knows Hannah likes to be dominated. And in that moment, I swear, a hundred Archive of Our Own fanfics starring a BDSM Castiel/Hannah pairing were launched. Ya nasties. Castiel comes up and stops them. Sam finally tracks down Dean in a bar, while the latter is reminiscing about Crowley's words. Sam tries to have a heart-to-heart moment with Dean, who just laughs him off. Sam tries to handcuff him with devil's trap-inscribed handcuffs, but someone (three guesses who) throws a smoke grenade/tear gas inside. Turns out it was loser sob-story guy from the beginning, the ex-marine. He wanted Sam to sneak out so he could track him back to Dean. He knocks out Sam, introduces himself to Dean as the guy on the phone, and they chat. He gives a spiel about his history and the whole "You killed my dad" but turns up, only for Dean to essentially say, "But for me, it was Tuesday." And then they fight, only for Dean to whoop his ass. He references the Inigo Montoya thing, and spares him, but gets Holy Water tossed on him and handcuffed by Sam. Crowley congratulates Sam on a job well done, takes the First Blade so Dean can't use it on him/doesn't get stronger, and leaves. Loser sobstory guy is bloody, beat-up and in a library, asking the worried librarian to give him every book there is on demons. Crowley's playing a sad song ("Hey there, lonely girl, lonely girl") while looking at pics of him and Dean getting along as pals on his phone. Dean is tied in the back of the Impala, and Sam complains about how it's filthy, only for Dean to say "It's just a car." Sam remarks how he's gone dark. Sam reveals Dean had mercy on loser sob-story guy, but Dean says that it wasn't, because he left him alive to revel in his failure, and what he will do to Sam won't be mercy either.

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