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Someone Flies In This Week's Episode Of Game Of Thrones And It's Not A "Mockingbird"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/20/2014 2:59 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Someone Flies In This Week's Episode Of Game Of Thrones And It's Not A
Media Courtesy of HBO

Rain Varela Staff Writer @Rain_Varela

After a week, Tyrion’s amazing speech is still ringing in our ears. We even see its influence as this week’s episode opens up with a scene of Jamie scolding his brother in jail. And as if to reflect our feelings, Jamie himself tells Tyrion “They’ll be talking about if for days”. But that is the happy part because he eventually tells Tyrion that he won’t be able to fight as his champion, since with the loss of one of his hands, he may not be an effective warrior. Outside, their evil little sibling, Queen Cersei Lannister, is busy watching her champion slice open a few captives. And who is this champion? It is no less than the Mountain-who-rides, Ser Gregor Clegane. Few who else would have the guts to face such a warrior in combat? No one; and Cersei knows it. Meanwhile, further up north, Ser Gregor’s brother, the Hound or Ser Sandor Clegane is still continuing his journey with Arya Stark. They eventually run into a burned cottage where they find a wounded farmer. As he is slowly dying, the Hound chooses to kill him out of mercy at the same time teaching Arya where to stab at the heart. This lesson is interrupted by two men who attack them, the Hound easily dispatches one, and he speaks to the other. The man reveals to them how House Lannister has placed a bounty on the Hound’s head for killing the king’s men. Arya then steps in and recognizes the man as one of those who had wronged her when she was originally journeying up north with a group of Night’s watch recruits. The Hound asks him his name, the man replies, Arya then stabs him at the heart. Ruthless isn’t she?
Courtesy of ForeverFangirling Courtesy of ForeverFangirling
At the wall, Jon Snow and his company have returned from their campaign against the mutineers. Although many rejoice at their return, Ser Alliser Thorne chooses to insult him by not letting his precious dire wolf, Ghost, remain within Castle Black. To make matters worse, at a later meeting, he and the other leaders of the order, refuse to listen to Jon Snow’s suggestion that they seal the tunnel in anticipation of the impending attack. Cue Jon Snow grumpy face. In King’s Landing, Tyrion receives more bad news as Bronn informs him that he is not going to fight for him. Tyrion is disappointed but the two men remain friends. Farther east, in the city of Meereen. Daenerys is surprised to find Daario Naharis in her private chambers. She asks him how he got in, and he replies that her doors may be guarded but her windows are not. She then scolds him, the man apologizes but tells her that he wants a mission. Because apparently he is good at only two things: women and fighting. Daenerys grants his request, and tells him to do what he is good at. She then orders him to strip, he happily obliges.
Courtesy of OneReallySadLion Courtesy of OneReallySadLion
Back to Westeros, we are shown more nudity as Melisandre is seen taking a bath in her room at Dragonstone. The Queen, Stannis’ wife, walks in on her. They have a short discussion about potions and illusions, and the Queen tells the Red Priestess that it may not be a good idea to bring her daughter when they leave, because she is a heretic. But Melisandre for mysterious reasons tells her that the Red God has plans for her daughter and she must be brought along. Oh let’s hope it doesn’t involve another fire ritual spell, we know King’s blood is powerful and that girl is a king’s daughter...or does it have to be a boy only, like Gendry? In Meeren the next morning, Daario is on his walk of shame when he encounters Ser-Friendzone or Ser Jorah who is about to meet the Queen. Sensing his disapproval as he walks in, Daenerys beats him to the punch by telling him that she has sent the mercenary on a mission to Yunkai. But Ser Jorah has other things on his mind, which includes the Queen’s apparent ruthlessness and advises her to be gentler on the slave masters. She is convinced and tells the Knight to tell Daario that she has changed her mind, as Ser Jorah is about to leave, she calls him back to change the working of her order. This time she tells Ser Jorah to say to Daario that he changed her mind. Next, we see Brienne and Podrick eating in an Inn. Surprisingly they encounter Arya’s old friend and companion Hot Pie who is now working there. Brienne let it slip that they are looking for Arya Stark and Hot Pie offers no information, but apparently this is just a guise. Because later as Brienne and Pod are about to leave, he goes to them and tells them everything he knows of Arya’s whereabouts. He then hands him some bread he made for his old friend, asking them to give it to her when they find her. The two companions then leave, and Pod speculates that Arya may be in the Eyrie since her Aunt Lysa is there. Little do they know that Arya is on her way there with the Hound. And she has been trying to convince him to cauterize the wound he received back in the burned cottage. In King’s Landing, Prince Oberyn sees Tyrion in the middle of the night. Oberyn tells him stories about his sister, it is obvious how much she has hated him since he was born, and that hate had just magnified with Joffrey’s death. Seeming to capitalize on that, Oberyn informs the hopeless lord his services and tells him that he will be his champion. Since he will be fighting Gregor Clegane, the man who killed his beloved sister Ellia.
Courtesy of Padamenagerie Courtesy of Padamenagerie
In the Eyrie, Sansa is building a snow castle, a replica of Winterfell her home. Robin her cousin approaches her and they have a short conversation, everything seems fine enough until the young boy accidentally destroys a part of the Snow Castle. Sansa chides him a little, but the spoiled brat explodes in anger and smashes the rest of the replica. Surprised and angered by his behavior, Sansa slaps him. Robin runs away crying, leaving her worried. Petyr Baelish enters and tells her to not mind it, as he will sort it out. Things then take a weirder turn, as Lord Baelish starts talking and ends up kissing Sansa. Something which her Aunt Lysa sees from a distance. She is then summoned to the throne room where the Moon Door (a large circular hole that leads to a drop to mountains below) is located. By now it is quite obvious what the crazy old woman is going to do. Lady Lysa tries to throw her niece into it. But thankfully Lord Baelish walks in and convinces his crazy wife to let the girl go. As Sansa cries on the side, Lord Baelish grabs his wife telling her that there is only one woman he ever loved and that is her sister, Catelyn Stark. Now breaking a woman’s heart is bad enough, but not satisfied with that, the sneaky nobleman, proceeds to throw her down to the waiting rocks thousands of feet below. Ouch!
IAmJakeGreen IAmJakeGreen
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