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Someone Turns Purple in This Weeks 'Purple Wedding' in Game of Thrones

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/15/2014 12:03 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Someone Turns Purple in This Weeks 'Purple Wedding' in Game of Thrones
Media Courtesy of NBC News

Rain Varela

Staff Writer


It is payback time in Westeros this week as a shocking but good twist unfolds. Well, if you haven’t read the book that is. But we’ll get back to that later. The episode opens with what appears to be an idyllic hunt, you know the favourite sport of aristocrats. But this is not Downton Abbey, where they hunt foxes, this is Game of Thrones, and it takes a moment for us to realize that the prey is a young woman. And of course she is being chased by Ramsay Snow, the Bastard of Bolton, also known as the sadistic torturer who took away Theon Greyjoy’s favourite toy. Speaking of Theon, he has now become an obedient slave accompanying his master Ramsay and his companion Miranda as they shot an arrow at the young woman. And not satisfied with just simply killing the maiden, they decide to make her suffer and had her torn limb from limb by their hunting dogs. Not really shocking, this is Ramsay after all. Meanwhile dear old dad, the Lord of Bolton and one of the architects of the Red Wedding (Seriously, this family is giving the Lannisters a run for their money on being the most hated clan in Westeros.) arrive in the Dreadfort and of course look for Theon. Ramsay presents his psychologically and physically scarred captive, and the Lord of Bolton rebukes his son for being heavy handed. He was, after all, planning to use Theon as a bargaining chip against the Greyjoys who have now overran the North. Ramsay, a little piqued, shows a hint of mad genius as he shows that his sadistic nature can be useful. He proves Theon’s absolute loyalty to him by having the poor man shave him. In the process he has Theon reveal that Bran and Rickon are still alive, he goads him a by reminding him of the Red Wedding with a blade in his neck, brave and mad but it hones the point. Theon does nothing. Now on to King’s Landing as brothers Tyrion and Jamie are having breakfast. This is probably the most normal and affectionate relationship there is within the Lannister family. Jamie reveals his weakness, his inability to tap into his old swordsmanship skill. Tyrion tries to console him and offers his loyal sellsword Bronn to train him again. Jamie gladly accepts and practices with Bronn in a secluded area near the sea. Tyrion then goes on to walk towards the banquet for his nephew the King. Halfway there he is accosted by the Spymaster Varys, who warns him that Cersei has discovered his secret lover Shae and offers to arrange a ship to spirit her across the sea. Tyrion mournfully replies that Shae refuses to go. In the pre-wedding banquet, King Joffrey is being offered a few gifts, Tyrion gives him a book, and strange enough Joffrey is magnanimous towards his dwarf uncle. Lord Tywin Lannister then presents his gift, one of the two Valyrian blades forged last episode from Ned Stark’s own blade.  Joffrey then goes back to his annoying ways, slashing at the table, and asking for a worthy name for his sword. What is up with fantasy characters and their need to name their swords? Anyway, one guest suggests widow’s wail.  Joffrey then proclaims (as Sansa Stark looks on with cold eye, "Widow’s wail, I like that, everytime I use it it’ll be like cutting off Ned Stark’s head all over again’ Later, we see Shae waiting for Tyrion in his chambers. As Tyrion enters he outright refuses Shae’s advances and tells her she needs to go across the sea to Pentos. She refuses, but Tyrion deliberately hurts her emotionally to end things, and orders Bronn to escort her to the ship that will take her away. He promises her a good life as she cries. In Dragonstone, the one referred to as the Red With is burning infidels at the beach. Melisandre the Priestess of R’hllor proclaims that they are being cleansed, and one man screams at his sister the wife of King Stannis. But she is filled with religious fervour and is unmoved as her brother burns to death.  Stannis, his wife and Melisandre then goes on to dinner, as if burning relatives is just a normal thing. The Queen says she is worried about their daughter lacking faith and asks Melisandre to speak to her. The Red Priestess does so, and the little scarred Princess is no clay putty. She stands up to the imposing woman and is even able to banter with her. But Melisandre is tough and she tells the Princess ‘There is only one hell, the one we live in now’ In the North, Bran continues to practice his powers as he continues to possess his direwolf in his sleep. But as soon as he wakes up, he is warned by Jojen and Meera Reed that there is a danger that ‘wearing the wolf skin’ too long may cause him to forget who he is. And they trudge on northward, where Bran spotting a godswood, orders Hodor to carry him to it so that he may touch it. With it, he sees snippets of the past, present and future and is able to commune with the three eyed crow who tells him to go further North. With this information he tells everyone else where they are supposed to go. Now back to King’s Landing as the marriage of Joffrey and Margaery is under way. Margaery looks delectable in a body-hugging gown with big hair and Joffrey is smug as always in his gold doublet. As the wedding vows are said and ended, Sansa says ‘We have a new Queen,’ to which Tyrion replies ‘Better her, than you’. Amen Tyrion, amen. A party is then held on the grounds, with the usual Renaissance fair forms of entertainment of jugglers, acrobats and fire breathers.  Lady Oleyna Tyrell approaches Sansa and consoles her about the events of another bloodier wedding, telling her ‘As if a man has more reasons to fear marriage ‘.  Meanwhile the newlyweds are enjoying the party and Joffrey introduces his new wife to give a speech. Margaery then goes to proclaim that the left-overs by order of the King would be given to the poor. In the other end of the party, Margaery’s brother Prince Loras gives a meaningful glance to Prince Oberyn , seems like a step down from having a King in his arms to flirting with a Prince. But this stare was cut short by Jamie warning him of the pitfalls of marrying his sister Queen Cersei , as if anyone needs a reminder. Loras hits back telling Jamie point blank that he can’t marry Cersei. Breanne then gives her congratulations to the newlyweds, and Cersei talks to her and it is revealed by her that maybe, just maybe, Breanne is in love with Jamie. Cersei then walks on, talks to Maester Pycelle to revert Margaery’s proclamation that the left-overs be given to the poor.  She then heads out with her father where they encounter Prince Oberyn and Ellaria Sand, as usual, veiled jabs are given back and forth but Prince Oberyn takes the round when he quips that Cerse’s daughter Princess Myrcella is tucked away safely at his family’s domain in Dorne.  Cersei and Twin then walks back to the royal table. In the royal table, Joffrey orders a performance and out comes five dwarves dressed as the Five Kings who fought the previous war. They mock joust and each of the kings is insulted except for Joffrey. Loras walks out and Sansa is stony eyed again. Joffrey then insults Tyrion telling him that he could perform as there is an extra costume. Tyrion hits back, backhandedly pointing out Joffrey not fighting in the battle of King’s Landing. The young king then proceeds to pour wine onto his dwarf-uncle’s head.  Margaery tries her best to alleviate the situation. Joffrey then makes his uncle cup-bearer to insult him, and he throws the cup to the floor and tells Tyrion to fetch. In a moment of affection, Sansa fetches the cup and hands it to Tyrion. He tries to hand back the empty cup but Joffrey tells him to fill it first, he does then he is ordered to kneel. Margaery then breaks the tensions by shouting ‘Look the pie," which prompts Joffrey to cut the pigeon-filled fly that flew away as soon as the crust is cut. They are then served the actual pie located within. Sansa tells Tyrion than they should go, but as they are about to leave , Joffrey orders them to stop and for Tyrion to give him wine. Tyrion does so as the young king continues to insult him while eating pie and drinking the wine he was served. And then the moment fans have been waiting for arrives. Behold, Joffrey chokes! As he sputters and turn purple, Lady Oleyna tells Sansa to go. Jamie and Cersei try to save their son but just end up looking on.  As the most hated character in all of TV land bled through his nose, he does one last vile thing, reaching toward Tyrion as if pointing him out as the culprit. And he dies to the sound of cheering and applause from all those fans who were emotionally scarred from last season’s Red Wedding. And Cersei orders Tyrion’s arrest. Now people, as we have now seen the last of Joffrey. Let us not forget to applaud the young actor Jack Gleeson who with his fine performance has given us a character we all love to hate. Take a bow Mr Gleeson, not many actors can inspire such hatred and vitriol but you did so, this is the mark of a great actor, Bravo!


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