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Someone's Getting Married On This Week's Stalker Episode

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/17/2014 5:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Someone's Getting Married On This Week's Stalker Episode  | Stalker
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Someone's getting married. The bride’s dad walks her down the aisle and hands her off to her wife to be. And awwww what a beautiful cou--. Once again Stalker doesn't even wait before I can finish my sentence before they shoot one of the brides-to-be in the head. Her dad holds her and calls to his daughter, Cara. While everyone runs around frantic, the sniper watches through the scope. Beth shows up at the crime scene and tells Jack that Cara was the daughter of a cop. Trent, another cop, shows up and tells her that Cara is currently in surgery. He tells Jack the shot came from a rooftop across the street and Jack says that’s not an easy shot. Trent is, for some reason, not a fan of Jack and does not hide his dislike. He tells them they found a sniper nest complete with mesh like ones the military uses and says that the guy avoided cameras and promises Beth all the assistance she needs. Trent leaves and Jack asks what his deal was, but Beth says it’s him and says he gives a bad first impression. Beth says they have an APB out on Cara’s ex, Paul Watson, a guy who did not like the fact that Cara dumped him to be with women. Beth comes to the hospital and Jimmy, Cara's dad, tells Beth he saw Paul there a couple of hours before the ceremony in front of the hotel. Jack asks the other bride to be if they had run ins with any other people and she says Cara thought she was being followed a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t see anyone. She says they didn’t want to believe it and thought it was all behind her, which leads Jimmy to walks away annoyed. Jack watches a video of Paul being interviewed and he says he knows she wasn’t gay and admits that he liked that their sex tape was online so his fellow football players could see he was giving it to her right, so it wasn't him who "turned" her gay. Paul says she doesn’t get to lie to him and play with him like that. Janice comes in and says they received Cara’s stalker diary from her apartment including entries about her being watched recently. Ben says they found Paul’s laptop and knew he was looking at Cara’s wedding announcement online. Ben calls Paul was a howler – he wanted attention, but no history of violence. Jack reminds Ben that Paul was seen at the wedding and Ben gets annoyed thinking Jack is saying his profile is wrong. He's obviously still mad that Jack got the position over him. Ben says none of it adds up. Jack clarifies saying that kind of shot indicates training and precision and Paul has no military history.  Which leads to another argument between Ben and Jack, even though Jack agreed with him. Janice says Paul may be near an airport hotel in a car with bad plates and they head out to see if it’s him. They roll up on the room and the guy inside tries to run and drops himself out of a window. Jack chases him down an alley and then Beth nabs him when he tries to jump a fence. He says he didn’t do it and she asks why he’s running – he gets squirrely again and Jack punches Paul in the face to subdue him. Back at the unit, they have Paul in the interview room and he says he doesn’t need a lawyer. DA Amanda Taylor steps into the interview and he says again he doesn’t need a lawyer. He admits he was at the hotel but it was hours before the wedding. He says when he heard Cara had been shot, he knew Jimmy would come after him. Beth asks why he didn’t come to her and he says she wouldn’t have believed him. They found a rifle in his hotel room and when asked he says it was for protection but it hadn’t been fired recently and there was no gun residue on him. Paul says the therapy they recommended helped and he wanted to tell Beth he wished her well. He says Jimmy chased him away before he could actually talk to Cara and says again that he didn’t shoot her. Amanda says she can build a circumstantial case against Paul, but Jack doesn’t think he did it and Beth agrees. She says they are looking for the opposite of Paul, a male mid 30s, military background, calm with a lot of feelings he keeps covered. Jack says he doesn’t think the guy is done. We then see a guy creeping up to a house and a kid is playing with toys when his mom comes in and tells him he didn’t finish his dinner and asks if he’s hungry. She comes back and doesn’t see the guy creeping upstairs in her house. She goes into her room, with the laundry, not knowing the guy is in her closet lurking and watching, with a knife in his hand. When the woman goes to open her closet door her son calls her downstairs. Instead of just attacking her, he just patiently waits for the right time to attack. Back at the office, Trent asks Jack how he got the spot and says TAU is an elite unit and that 300 applicants wanted the job. Trent asks if he was a favor that someone owed someone else. Janice tells Beth that the bullet isn’t a match for Paul’s rifle but matches a gang member shot the morning before the wedding. The woman tells her son that it’s time for bed and helps her son puts up his toys. She says that Daddy will be home any minute. The guy with the knife is still in the closet Janice has the gang member’s girlfriend, Tiny, in an office and they want to talk to her about who shot her boyfriend, Jessie. The girl says she doesn’t know and Janice tells Tiny that she knows her probation officer and mentions the track marks on her arms. Tiny insists she doesn’t know who shot her boyfriend, but says that Jessie said he thought someone had been in their apartment. She says he thought he was being paranoid but says since he was in a gang, he’s been followed, marked and had his ass whipped many times. Janice shows her Paul and Cara’s photo and she says she doesn’t know them, but she mentions Jessie saying he knew a cop named Jimmy Lambert. Jimmy was actually using Jessie as a CI and they were friends. Janice tells Jack and Beth that Jimmy would check on him and they had an odd father-son relationship. Jack asks for a list of family and friends that could be at risk. They ask where Frank is and try to call him but it goes to voice mail. They send uniforms to check his house. Frank comes home and gives his wife a hug and a kiss and tells her Jimmy is a wreck and Cara isn’t out of the woods yet. She offers to make him food and tells him to go shower. When he goes upstairs and starts to undress. He sits on the bed in direct line of sight of the closet. The guy starts to open the door but Frank hears the creak and he stops. His son comes in and tackles him and Frank offers him a piggy back ride. They leave the room and the stalker is stuck waiting in the closet, again. Beth and her team show up and the wife lets them in. Frank and his son come down and they safely get them outside as well. Jack sneaks up the hallway and checks the bathroom. No one. He opens the closet but no one is there either. The stalker jumps out (scares the crap out of me) and slashes Jack. Beth finds Jack bleeding and lets the other officers know the stalker is running. Back at TAU, Jack says he didn't get a good look at the stalker. In Jimmy's office Jack notices that from where he's sitting he has a perfect view off of his family photos. He asks who usually sits in the seat. Jimmy tells him people who work with him. Jack says it’s someone who works for him that Jimmy reprimanded and made feel small. Jimmy says a lot of his guys are ex-military. He says – Silas Martin – former Special Forces sharpshooter that he fired two years ago. Jimmy says Silas killed a teen in a parking lot and said the kid had a gun but no one found out. He says he dug into his records and found out the guy was unstable. Beth calls it in and they send them an address in Van Nuys. Ben says there is mail piled up by the door so they don’t think he’s been there in days. Inside of the apartment, Silas has made a revenge wall of who he's plotting to kill in order to hurt Jimmy. Beth says he’s more of a resentful stalker and she says he had to escalate to regain some power and control. Ben comes up and shows them a video featuring Silas saying Jimmy dirtied his name and reputation. He says he sat through lies at his hearings and that he trusted the system, but Jimmy betrayed his faith. Silas blames Jimmy for making him what he has become, but justice and the truth will prevail. Jimmy is at the hospital with Cara, where they also think Silas is. Sure enough, we see him lurking in a room off of an OR. Jimmy sits in the chapel when Silas comes in. Because when you have a stalker why wouldn't you go off to places by yourself?  Silas walks up the pews and sits down behind his former boss. He grabs him and injects something into Jimmy's neck. Beth shows up to the hospital with uniforms to protect Cara. Where were they before? Anyway, they ask where Jimmy is and Terry says she saw him going down a hall about 20 minutes ago. Jack searches room by room down the hall and looks around as he pushes doors open and works his way down the hall. We see Silas putting medical tape over a window to obscure the view. He’s in an OR and has Jimmy restrained. He slaps Jimmy and tells him to wake up. Jimmy asks why he’s doing this and Silas says he knows why and says his lies have come home to roost. Silas tells him he needs to hear the truth, while Jack and his backup advance down the hall. Silas and Jimmy continue to go back and forth about the gun. Jack finds them and tells him to put his hands up. Silas turns around, but then comes for Jack who shoots him. Jack checks on Jimmy then calls Beth and when he turns and Silas is back on his feet. They struggle for the gun and Jack is able to shoot Silas again. Jimmy and Terry are in with Cara and they tell Jack and Beth that they have induced a coma in Cara to wait for her brain swelling to go down. They reassure Jimmy that it’s not his fault and he says when Cara wakes up, they have to have a wedding and hugs his daughter’s fiancee. Jack tries to talk to Amanda and she says he shouldn’t have followed them there. He asks about their son and she tells him that he is seven years too late and tells him, again, to leave LA. Beth sees a little of this exchange then asks Jack if there’s something she needs to know about him and Amanda. He says it’s just that bad first impression he makes, which she tells him to fix so it doesn’t ruin the unit. He asks if she wants to get food. An offer she declines.  He says he know she hates him because he wasn’t her first choice and he was forced on her. He knows she had 300 applicants and she says 372 and he wasn’t even in the top 20. Beth says it’s a good thing he doesn’t suck and he asks if she thinks he’s doing a good job. She tells him good night and leaves. That night, Jack lurks outside Amanda’s house and watches her and his son. He is standing right outside the window like a full on stalker. When Amanda flips the light off she sees something and then turns the lights back on and tells Trent she saw someone outside. Jack is shocked that she’s sleeping with the cop and takes off and hides as Trent grabs his gun and comes outside. Trent looks around and says – I don’t see anyone honey. Amanda looks around for herself then heads back inside. Jack peeks out from behind the shrub he’s hiding behind looking all creepy. Are you as paranoid watching this show as I am?  Until next time!

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