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Something Wicked This Way Comes With The Premiere Of Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/22/2013 11:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Something Wicked This Way Comes With The Premiere Of Ravenswood
Media Courtesy of ABC Family
image courtesy of ABC Family image courtesy of ABC Family
Adele Fredeluces
Staff Writer

The wait is over! Ravenswood gets creepier!

The wait is finally over! Pretty Little Liars aired its special Halloween episode tonight, and its anticipated spin-off, Ravenswood, followed right after. We’ve gotten a few glimpses here and there of the small town, but it gets creepier every time.

Before we delve into the pilot episode, here are a few things we learned in the PLL episode “Let the Maid Go”.

  • Caleb meets Miranda Collins, a young girl in search of her uncle in Ravenswood. The two click instantly when Miranda reveals that she’s been in foster care.
  • Miranda searches her uncle’s house but only finds Hanna. While meeting Hanna, she has a flashback to her parents’ funeral and remembers her uncle.
  • Miranda sees a headstone in the Ravenswood cemetery with her name and picture, but stays to get more answers from her uncle.
  • After a passionate kiss, Hanna asks Caleb to stay and take care of Miranda until she settles in. Caleb agrees and right after, Miranda finds another headstone, but this time with Caleb Rivers written on it and a photo of someone who looks exactly like him.
  • Mrs. Grunwald is the caretaker of the home.

With those things in mind, Ravenswood kicks off the morning after. Miranda and Caleb are still in the cemetery questioning the headstones they saw. They decide to go back to her uncle’s home, but it’s obvious some kind of curse is following them, as one of the statues in the cemetery begins to cry tears of blood. Have the Weeping Angels made their way to Ravenswood?

The pair finally makes their way to the Collins’  home and find that it is a funeral home. Death is following them. Raymond Collins (Miranda’s uncle) isn’t too excited to see his niece, not really interested in what she has to say.

Grunwald offers to take Miranda to a room to get settled and rest. However, the room itself doesn’t seem to want Miranda to settle down.

Next, we meet two more characters in the Ravenswood cemetery. We have the brother and sister duo, Olivia and Luke. We learn that the two have recently lost their father and their mother has been accused of murdering him. While Caleb and Miranda see what the other two are up to in the cemetery, they both discover that the headstones they saw the night before had disappeared. Can you say sketchy?

Wanting more answers, Caleb goes into town to see if he had any relatives in the town of Ravenswood. He meets Remy, who tells him about the death in Ravenswood and the flood that took many lives many years ago.

Miranda is at her uncle’s and learns about the flood on her own. While she looks through old photo albums, the hairbrush next to her moves and viewers can see a hand creeping out from the curtains. She obviously feels another presence in the room and looks in the mirror to find a creepy woman standing over her. I’m getting a lot of The Grudge feelings here and I’m even more creeped out than I was before.

Miranda is scared, as she should be and Caleb dismisses it as the wind. That is until he has a similar experience in the bathtub Mrs. Grunwald prepared for him. We see another creepy hand and an outline of a body trying to suffocate Caleb. Then it all disappears. It’s definitely not the wind.

Remy and her mother have a conversation that becomes vital later in the episode. Her mother had just returned from Afghanistan, being the only survivor from an attack on her unit.  “I don’t know why I’m here. It doesn’t make any sense that I’m the only one who survived the attack.”

Uncle “Creepy” Collins is sitting in his office when Grunwald comes in and tells him, “It’s not too late to fix this.” What is it that needs fixing you ask? And what do they have to do with the creepy curse following his young niece?

Caleb and Miranda are ready to leave, especially after Miranda saw the creepy lady in the town square once again. As they walk away, a message is placed on the window and apparently it was the “last chance,” whatever that means.

Remy is seen looking at the old town archives in the Ravenswood Gazette. Caleb and Miranda follow her and they research together. And all I see is death, death and more death. Turns out the Ravenswood doppelgangers died many years ago in a boating accident along with 3 other teens.

Meanwhile, Olivia is giving her best Homecoming Queen wave at the Ravenswood Historical Society Celebration Parade. The moment is ruined when someone runs up and throws red paint on her pretty little dress. The town seems to hate the family, but her brother is there to save her and walk her away from the situation. But during their heartfelt conversation, Luke opens up and reveals that he thinks their mom actually murdered their father.

Remy finally reveals the gist of the curse as they drive to a diner. Several times in the past, a soldier would return home after being the sole survivor in an attack and the next week 5 would die. During this revelation, they see Olivia and Luke walking on the side of the road and she offers them a ride.

Now there’s five sitting in the car and if the curse is true, I assume they are about to lose their lives. Miranda sees the woman once again and the five teens drive off the bridge and are now trapped in a car sinking in water, struggling for their lives.

The last shot is what gets me and reminds me not to watch Ravenswood alone in the dark again.

Next week, one dies, and the curse isn’t over until ALL five die.

Well, there’s my recap of Ravenswood. The suspense and supernatural curse have got me hooked so far. What are your thoughts on the new spin-off?


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