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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x07 Recap: An Eye For An Eye

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/22/2014 5:49 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x07 Recap: An Eye For An Eye | sons of anarchy
Media Courtesy of ScreenCrush
Um...... Yeah. This weeks episode of Sons of Anarchy opened up a huge can of worms and it appears the war that Jax started with August Marks has officially kicked off.... Because Marks retaliated in a HUGE way!! With all of the questions surrounding Juice, one had to wonder exactly how the episode would start. Would Jax simply put a bullet in his head? Or would there be another plan to unfold? Well it just so happens to be the latter. Juice received his cut back from the menacing president, and was sent on his way. Except Juice wasn't leaving Charming. He drove right up to the CPD (Charming Police Department) and opened fire on some bikes. The cops took pursuit of the most wanted man before finally capturing him and placing him under arrest. What was the plan here? Well, once in prison, Juice was put into solitary confinement, and was then joined by one of Tully's (Marilyn Manson) men. He informed he was there to help. Will they take out Henry Lin in prison? Meanwhile, trying to set up everything in their plan to turn on Marks, SAMCRO pushed forward and ran into some trouble in the process. While trying to help a family in Marks' grasp, Jax inadvertently put the wheels in motion for a whopper of a reveal. Jax needed Gemma at the cabin to try and help with a situation regarding a mother/son family, but the Teller matriarch (while under the influence of booze) began to suspect she had been found out. Gemma began to crumble, thinking Juice had ratted on her, not knowing he had gotten himself arrested FOR the club. When Happy & Rat came to take her to the cabin for "some mother/son issues", she assumed the worst. She loaded up her purse with her gun, and wanted a moment with Thomas first. Gemma then confessed her role in Tara's death TO HER GRANDSON, saying she loved Tara and it was all a mistake and miss-communication that led to the horrific action. Unbeknownst to Gemma, she had an eavesdropper on her big reveal: Abel. Abel had just arrived home from school and heard his psychotic grandmother's confession to his baby brother. This is a very ballsy move on Kurt Sutter's part, because there are a number of people Abel could end up telling the truth to... including Jax and Wendy; or maybe this is what draws Courtney Love's teacher character into it? Does Abel tell his teacher what he overheard? As big a problem as that presented itself, Gemma still had no idea what was going on, and informed Wendy to call Nero and get him to the cabin. Gemma was ready to put bullets in Happy and Rat when she arrived at the cabin, but when she discovered the pastor's wife and stepson... She knew she had been wrong about EVERYTHING. Again. You would think with a scene like that, it would be the shocking moment of the episode... You'd be wrong. August Marks has officially thrown any truce off the table with Jax. The Pope Enterprises businessman had seemingly found out about the bodies buried on the lot courtesy of SAMCRO and he retaliated by taking Bobby hostage. When Jax and the club learned of this, it was too late as they received a box with Bobby's patches, an iPad, and a mystery box. The iPad was turned on to reveal that Marks' security detail were torturing Bobby, and.... they dug out one of his eyes and sent it to Jax!! The episode concluded with Jax stone face, while the club took in what happened. We need to remember, that an eye does NOT mean Bobby is dead. Yours truly is thinking Marks will use Bobby as leverage against SAMCRO. Thoughts?? Consider this WAR.   SOME NOTES: 1. The heartfelt scene between Gemma and Nero was sweet, but I can guarantee they both won't make it out of this season alive. There's no happy ending for Gemma. 2. Expect to see Courtney Love next week? 3. Truths are really going to start coming out now. Who do YOU guys think Abel will tell first? 4. I swear, I thought Nero was going to get hit by that damn car!!! 5. Wayne is getting very close to some truths of his own. SAMCRO really believes he's just a naive old man. This old man was Chief of Police people!!

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