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In This Week's Episode Of 'Sons Of Anarchy', Actions Have Consequences

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/02/2014 6:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
In This Week's Episode Of 'Sons Of Anarchy', Actions Have Consequences | sons of anarchy
Media Courtesy of TV And FIlm Review
It happened.
We all knew there was going to be blowback from Gemma's lies about the Chinese and Jax's senseless attacks in the wake of Tara's death.
And it FINALLY started to happen, and the poor whores ladies of Diosa felt the pain.
This weeks episode of Sons turned up the bloodbath level even more as the closing moments saw Colette and the ladies of Diosa get gunned down by the Chinese. The bigger problem here?
This means someone has ratted the club out the Chinese!!!
Jax and the club continued their march into the series finale, and I have to applaud Kurt Sutter for the way he's delivering it. Every week, we've been saying goodbye to minor characters, and Colette's death (whether you cared about her or not) was definitely upping the stakes. The massacre at Diosa also immediately draws Nero well into the fold now as this was HIS business. Don't get it wrong though, this wasn't an attack against Nero, it was an attack against the club.
The look on Jax's face when he entered Diosa, wasn't exactly heartbreaking because we've all known this was eventually going to blow up in his face.
The body count rose even before the hit on Diosa though, as two Charming cops were gunned down during an altercation that the Sons were involved in. Little do they know, the female cop had survived and was recovering. What will she be able to tell Jarry about the hit?
Now, let's discuss Juice.
The APB was officially out, which means next week, Gemma is getting him the hell out of town and to her fathers place to hide out. EVERYONE is going to be looking for poor Juice, and Gemma needs to get him out as quick as she can. Watching Gemma pack her gun was quite unsettling because it makes you wonder:
Could she kill Juice? We all know that Wendy and Wayne don't know the truth, and if Gemma were to take Juice out, she would be the only one left standing with the truth about Tara's murder.
And now for the highlight of this weeks episode: VENUS VAN DAM!!
Venus returned when she provided intel on the pastor that SAMCRO killed 2 weeks ago, and once again her and Tig continued their bond. It was perfect timing though, as during an altercation, Tig took a buckshot to the chest!!
Anyone else freaking out that Tig was going to die last night!?
And how about that kiss between him and Venus? Oh to be a fly on the wall during the filming of that and see the reactions of Kim Coates and Walton Goggins.
 What did you guys think of this weeks episode?
1. Who do you think ratted the club out to Lin? Could it have been another member? Maybe the pissed off Jury?
2. More of Gemma speaking to Tara. And the more it creeps me out.
3. Hello to the brief introduction of Miss Harrison (Courtney Love)!!
4. How is Nero going to react to all of this? His conversation with Gemma about the dude who Jax attacked last week confirmed that Nero is losing patience, and with him officially in the thick of this now, it's only to get worse.
5. Do you guys think Gemma would kill Juice?

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