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'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x05 Recap: There's Shots Fired

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/08/2014 10:58 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x05 Recap: There's Shots Fired | sons of anarchy
Media Courtesy of FX
How y'all doing? Because yours truly could barely breathe during the final few moments of last night's Sons Of Anarchy episode!!! Things have definitely taken a turn for the worse, as situations escalated and true loyalties were revealed, not to mention one whopper of a cliffhanger. Let's get right into it... Jax moved further along in his plan to annihilate Henry Lin and the Chinese, but following the consequences of the massacre at Diosa, Nero was IN IT. Nero refused to believe Lin when he approached him and told him to deliver Teller, and when Lin threatend his son Lucius, Nero became unhinged. He confronted Jax, who finally told Nero the "truth" about the Chinese killing Tara. Nero pleaded with Jax to stop the war before it got worse (than it already was) but it fell on deaf ears. Jax continued to make bad decisions, which resulted in one crazy fight. Jax's plan with Barosky's crooked cops included trapping Lin and his entire crew, and after a vicious beatdown between Jax and Henry, the REAL authorities unfortunately showed up and prevented yet another massacre. The Charming PD arrived seconds after SAMCRO hightailed it out of the area and placed Lin and his entire crew under arrest, but only under drug charges, as they had no proof of the murders at Diosa. Have to admit, this scene was highly entertaining as Jax laid it all out for Henry, explaining why he was doing what he was doing. Of course though, Henry was oblivious to the accusations that he killed Tara, but Jax wasn't hearing any of it. The fact that all of this went down, and the Chinese STILL weren't killed, means they're not even close to being done yet. They'll be back. Oh, that's not what you wanted to discuss? OH THAT!! Gemma was finally able to get away from the SAMCRO lockdown and her and Wayne made their way to the hotel where Juice was holed up. Upon arrival they found the body of the man Juice had shot after he mistook him for a member of the Chinese. Gotta love having a newspaper handy in a hotel!! Wayne offered to clean it up, but Gemma had to get Juice OUT of Charming and up to her Dad's house. It was finally time for it to happen. Except it didn't. While Juice was fast asleep in the car, Gemma managed to remove the gun from his bag and place it in her purse. When he awoke, he asked where they were headed. She explained her Dad's place wasn't available to use and that Nero was helping her find another spot for him to hide. Juice then came clean with Gemma about the Darvany murder from last season, and how he confessed what he did to Nero in his suicidal state...... Which meant that Nero wouldn't help him, and he knew Gemma was lying to him!!! The 2 struggled over a gun and eventually crashed her car into a tree. Gemma managed to get out and began to run but Juice ordered her to stop before firing off some shots by her feet. Gemma dissolved into tears, and only stammered to explain to Juice why she did what she did. Juice reminded her that he helped her. He trusted her. She began pleading with Juice to let her live..... And fade to black. Absolutely MIND BLOWING episode and I am on pins & needles over needing next week!!! What did you guys think?
SOME NOTES: 1. The Abel scene with the hammer was kind of hard to watch. The little guy playing Abel just isn't that great (sorry bud) and it was uncomfortable. 2. They're still trying to make me believe that Nero could end up with Wendy...... No. Just no. 3. Anyone else 100% that Barosky is the mole? He's definitely feeding the intel to the Chinese because he was lying through his teeth during this episode. Or is that just me? 4. Cannot rave enough about Jimmy Smits' performance as Nero this episode. The actor went fom smiling one second, to stone cold rage the next when his character was shown the picture of Lucius' school. Smits has this ability to act with only his eyes and he was on fire tonight. 5. Ditto for Katey Sagal. The matriarch really brought it in the finale scene, and seeing her pleading for her life is making me look forward to when she has to do that with Jax.
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