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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x08: Do You Know What An Accident Is?

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/29/2014 9:11 am
PopWrapped | Television
'Sons Of Anarchy' 7x08: Do You Know What An Accident Is? | sons of anarchy
Media Courtesy of HitFix
Can you believe there are only 5 EPISODES LEFT?!?! Sons of Anarchy is getting closer & closer to the epic finish line of the series, and after last weeks abduction of Bobby and... um... eye popping reveal? Well, yeah. Let's discuss "Separation of Crows"!! This weeks Sons of Anarchy kicked off with the quick reveal that Bobby was alive, but not exactly well, now that he's one eye short. Marks' crew was keeping him alive in order to draw out Jax from revealing the whereabouts of the buried pastor. Anyone else cringe at the sight of Bobby's face? I KNOW it wasn't just me!! The episode continued on at a slower pace compared to last week, while still packing a punch with a select few scenes. Wendy and Gemma were informed that Abel had gotten into a fight at school. When they arrived to pick him up, Gemma was confronted by his teacher, played by guest star Courtney Love. The 2 threw back some thinly veiled insults (mainly from Gemma), with Love's character saying Abel was struggling to deal with the death of his mother. Gemma told the teacher she would take care of her grandson and her and Wendy took him home. Unfortunately, they arrived to a gruesome scene. Gemma discovered her beloved crows were dead, and hidden in her bed while the boys' room was ransacked and with a warning: "No Son Is Safe" Gemma was extremely rattled by the incident, but thankfully Brooke had taken Thomas out and returned to the mess afterwards. Who would have done such a thing? Was it Mark's crew making another statement? This scene also delivered one of my FAVORITE moments of the episode, and it featured Gemma and Abel. When Gemma sat down with Abel to try and figure out why he got into the fight at school, Abel confessed he didn't know. Gemma prodded more with Abel only uttering it "was an accident". When Grandma asked Abel if he knew what an accident was, the young man simply responded with a question of his own: "Do you?" The look on Abel's face during this was picture perfect, and Katey Sagal sold it brilliantly. Abel may be young, but he knows what he heard last week. His grandmother confessed to killing his mother. What will he do next? Meanwhile, Jarry and Unser paid Juice a visit in lockup and he kept up with the lie, telling them both he would give them more information once he was transferred to Stockton. He told them the name of one of the Chinese who Gemma "saw" the night of Tara's murder, and then said he would give up more once he was moved and placed in solitary. Jarry couldn't understand why he was giving up information, but our beloved former police chief wasn't as slow. Wayne was definitely picking up on what was going on, and I think it's only a matter of time before he figures it out. Prior to Jax discovering the attack on his mothers house, it all came down to the confrontation between him and Indian Hills charter member Jury. The last we saw of Jury was him cradling his dead son after Jax and the club killed them and set them up with the heroine from Lin. We all knew Jury recognized the gun, and we were also left to wonder if he was the one ratting them out to Lin. We got our answer. Jax finally confronted Jury and declared he knew he had to have been the one to sell them out to the Chinese, but Jury refused to admit that. He told Jax he "told them shit", and then proceeded to bring up a sore subject: John Teller. Jury asked Jax if he truly knew what happened to his father, and Jax coldly responded with "Clay Morrow happened". Jury informed him that while he could believe that rumor, Jax needed to know that John would have easily recognized if something was amiss with his bike. Jury's insinuation that John drove his bike into the truck sent the SAMCRO leader over the edge and after delivering a swift punch to the face, Jury drew his gun. It wasn't enough though as Jax put a bullet in his cheek. With all of the destruction around him, Jax declared to the crew that he would tell Marks where the body was buried but would NOT give him the location of the wife & son. And it was not a good idea to try and barter with Mark's crew. They decided to not give Bobby back and instead sent another care package, this time including Bobby's fingers. My poor, poor Bobby!!!! What did you guys think of this episode? Is seemed like a bit of a slowdown compared to previous weeks, but it's definitely moving in an interesting direction.   SOME NOTES: 1. If Jury was being truthful, and didn't tell the Chinese anything, who's the rat? Nero? Baroski? 2. The confrontation between Gemma and Abel's teacher was perfect. Courtney Love was given a brief role and made it memorable. Bravo. 3. Juice + cockroach = GROSS. 4. Wayne is definitely piecing everything together, and the question is no longer HOW will he finish doing so....but when? 5. RIP crows. 6. RIP Jury 7. It appeared for the first time this season that Chibbs began to doubt his beloved Jackie Boy. The tension in the final scene, when discussing Jury's death, was great and it's showing that Jax is slowly losing his grip (more so than he already had) 8. Do you guys think Jury had a point? Could JT have killed himself? Was Jury right to say Jax was nothing like his old man? We all see that Jax has turned into Clay.  

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