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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's All About The "Toil And Till" On This Week's Sons Of Anarchy

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/17/2014 1:35 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's All About The
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Well... What exactly is our beloved Jax Teller doing!? Sons of Anarchy is slowly making its way towards the finish line and, by the way things are looking, I'm not exactly sure who will be around once it does. SAMCRO made more moves towards avenging Tara's death (with false knowledge) and continued to show a darker side to Jax. The fact that he still hadn't seen his children in the wake of his wife's death is extremely alarming, but was perfectly captured by Kurt Sutter as the broken man and father. Jax and the club continued to place blame at the feet of the Chinese, and went about it in secret. Calling on the help of their Indian Hills charter, Jax successfully managed to overturn a gun deal and set in motion an even bigger war with the Chinese. Indian Hills charter president Jury brought in some help, as well, for assistance with the take down, and everything went smoothly. At first. Lin didn't waste anytime reacting to the assault, and reached out to Nero so that he could find out exactly what happened. Jax managed to steer the questions away from the club, and hold Lin off until the bigger picture came to fruition. Unfortunately, the two assistants from Indian Hills didn't fare as well. Jax planted the stolen drugs from the attack on them after promising them some cash for their help; but the biggest twist came at the end of the episode. Jury returned to the house to find the two men dead, and began cradling one of the men. If I got what I think everyone else got, Jury's SON was set up by SAMCRO. Other problem? He recognized the sawed off shotgun, which belonged to Jax. So, let us regroup here: Not only does Jax have an issue with the Chinese now, he's burned bridges with his OWN DAMN CHARTER. That last one may be indirectly, because I'm choosing to believe he didn't know the young man was Jury's son. Right? I'm hoping. Elsewhere in the episode, Juice let Unser loose from his ties and turned down his help in keeping him hidden. Juice never spilled the exact truth to Unser as to why Gemma was hiding him, so his secret is still safe. For now. Upon his release, Unser made a new alliance...with new sheriff Althea Jarry. Jarry made it clear she was a dominant force in Charming, but needed some assistance dealing with all of the goings on in the town and made Wayne a consultant in Tara's murder case. When Wayne returned to his trailer, after informing Gemma that he knows she's hiding Juice because she's "looking out for a friend" (what a CROCK), he returned home to lie down. Gemma entered shortly after with some tea and found Wayne sleeping...and Tara's file. Upon seeing the photos of her dead daughter in law, the cracks began to show in her facade. Was it legit? Nah. The episode may have moved a tad slower than what we are used to with the show, but Sutter and company are doing a fantastic job of setting the stage for an epic finale. Gemma's lies have officially spiraled and anything that happens is on HER. What did you guys think of the episode? SOME NOTES: 1. Nero and Wendy flirting? Thoughts? 2. The conversation between Gemma and Abel made me so angry. Calling his Mommy an "angel" after planting a BBQ fork into the back of her head? Gemma, you're a special kind of EVIL. 3. Speaking of a special kind, Juice almost calling Chibbs and then RETURNING to Wendy's apartment after Gemma paid him to leave town? Special kind of stupid. Does he WANT to die!? 4. This is going to get messy. Jax has not only declared war on the Chinese, he indirectly (or directly) has caused problems internally with the Indian Hills charter, and is causing friction with Nero as well. 5. How exactly does Jax expect to find an OUT in all of this!? 6. We saw a glimpse of the pre-school this week, so can we expect Courtney Love next week? 7. Now that Gemma knows Wayne is a consultant, will she have him killed? Or handle it herself?

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