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Sookie and Co. Wonder How Much "Life Matters" On True Blood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/12/2013 4:12 pm
Sookie and Co. Wonder How Much

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Welcome back, fellow fangbangers! This Sunday marks True Blood penultimate episode of the season (there’s only one more left, sniff). If you haven’t been watching, you may want to binge watch as the season wraps up its sixth outing next Sunday. Can it get any crazier? Or have we seen it all so far? As always, spoilers lie ahead so put those fangs up if you haven’t watched the episode!

This episode’s major plotlines:  

  1. Our dear Sookie gnaws open her own wrist to revive Warlow in the episode. She also refuses to allow Bill to take her fiancé away to save all our fave vamps from the Sun Parlor of Doom. “Get Eric to give everyone transfusions,” she suggests before blasting Bilith out of fairy land. “After all, since his attack on Warlow, he has more of the half-fae, half-vamp’s blood in him than Warlow does.” She’s pretty pissed!
  2. After Sookie fairy beams herself into Terry’s funeral (seriously, it’s still going on?), we catch up on the latest gossip (Hoyt’s mama reveals that he has a homely new girlfriend, etc..). We get treated to flashbacks to the deceased’s first encounters with Arlene, Sam and Lafayette, and get treated to a somber musical number (umm okay). Quote of the night:  “I really don’t see,” Grandma Bellefleur comments afterward, “what was the point of that.” 
  3. Eric daywalks (like a boss) into Vamp Camp, turns loose the prisoners and rips the shortest member of the torture doc who infected Nora with hep V (I love me some angry Eric). Later, he finds Jason looking particularly anemic, he heals the fool with his blood and teases, “When you dream of me, dream of nice things.”(Swoon, I know I will be) Next, Eric’s about to kill the resident shrin until the douche brags that he’ll die happy because he got to smash Pam (still can’t believe she let him get in her pants). Eric decides to save the “honor” of dispatching him for his firstmade (that’s why I love me some Eric).
  4. Just outside of Vamp Camp, Sarah (this season’s truly Big Bad) scales the Sun Parlor of Doom and exposes Jessica, Tara, Willa and friends to the light (YIKES).She’s too late, however, as Bill has already made his way to Vamp Camp, finished what Eric started with the torture doc (by stomping on his head, ouch). He then realizes that he doesn’t need Eric at all. Bill can use his own Warlow-filled blood to feed and thus save everyone (lightbulb). The only vamp not spared? The blubbering fool Steve. Thrust into the sun by Eric, Sarah’s former husband looks up at her and yells, “I love you… Jason Stackhouse!” Classic. Sarah: 0; Steve: A MILLION POINTS and recipient of the ultimate kiss off award.
  5.  Bill gets fed on by the hungry vamps, which causes Lilith’s gang of girls to appear and say “Your time on earth is over.” To which he replies more or less, “Hell to the no or you gotta be kidding me!” Luckily, James caves and lets Bill feed off him to get back to working order.
  6. After catching Sarah, Jason yells that if she can talk to God, he can talk to Jesus. Then he delivers another noteworthy quote:  “he says to tell you you’re an average [bleepin’] lay.” I guess Jesus notices these things? Jesus apparently also says it’s okay for Jason to bring a permanent end to Sarah’s reign of terror. For all that talk though, he just can’t pull the trigger. Pam and Eric, on the other hand, exchange a meaningful look. “Don’t you dare leave me,” she whispers (and breaking my heart in the process). Yet he does exactly that, flying off into the wind.

There you have it, my Truebies! Can Eric really be gone? What will happen to Sarah? 

The season wraps up next Sunday so until then, keep drinking your True Blood, and keep those fangs sharpened!


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