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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Sparks And Flies Come Together In Teen Wolf's "Galvanize"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/21/2014 7:48 am
PopWrapped | Television
Sparks And Flies Come Together In Teen Wolf's

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

What an episode! Things start out in a light an easy fashion. It’s almost Halloween and the kids are in full prank mode. Stiles and Scott are out to pull a fast one on Coach. However, at the hospital things aren’t going so well. Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski accompany an ambulance to the hospital, which is carrying convicted attempted bomber William Barrow. Barrow has a piece of shrapnel that needs to come out. Mrs. McCall goes in for the pre-op interview and Barrow is downright terrifying. When she asks why he did it he just replies “they had glowing eyes.” Mrs. McCall is terrified because she knows a few teens with glowing eyes… Aiden and Ethan are back and asking if they can join Scott’s pack. Scott is a bit skeptical and Isaac downright refuses their request. The twins know that they are basically bait if they stay on their own without a pack so they need to come up with a plan to get back into Scott’s good graces. Aiden decides that returning to high school is the answer. Plus he’ll get to shack up with Lydia again, not to mention Ethan still has a thing for Danny. High school is not boding too well for Kira Yukimura. She’s spent her lunch period with her dad in his classroom. Scott overhears her talking about how she just isn’t looking to date and he feels a bit rejected since he was going to step up and ask her out. The life of a high schooler is so tough sometimes. Just ask Lydia, who is being plagued by imaginary flies. Back in the OR Barrow is on the table about to be cut into. The doctor finds a tumor except it continues to grow and eventually bursts releasing flies everywhere. Barrow instantly awakes from anaesthesia and stabs the doctor and flees. The first place he heads to is the school. Sheriff Stilinski alerts his son to what is going on and it becomes clear to Lydia why she has been hearing flies all day. The gang jumps into action. Allison heads home to check the beastiary while the wolves (plus the twins) head to the boiler room to find Barrow. During the hunt Ethan stumbles upon Danny making out with his ex and he is less than thrilled. Lydia realizes that having all the children with glowing eyes down by the boiler room is just a recipe for disaster. Stiles pulls the fire alarm and for once everyone gets out alive. Ready to die is Kira, when her father invites Scott over for an impromptu dinner. She quickly goes to change and they sit down to a dinner of sushi. Scott is a bit perplexed as he’s never eaten raw fish before let alone used chopsticks. Kira gives him a tutorial that is just oozing with sexual tension, which is awkward because her parents are right there. Also fighting off some sexual tension are Allison and Isaac. He decided to drop by to help her do some researching but since he can’t understand Latin he really is no help at all. Instead he is met with a frightening picture of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. Allison accuses him of going in for a kiss (when really it was her) and he stammers then admits it. Allison rejects his advances and swears off werewolves but then they both end up shirtless right in time for Argent to walk in. Meanwhile, during all this, Derek is up to some magic at the loft. It seems that container they rescued last week contained Talia’s claws. Apparently Derek can use them to call upon her to ask her a question. After sewing Peter’s finger back on he embeds the claws into Peter’s hand and then Peter digs them into the back of his neck. Derek is in front of the nematon and a black wolf appears. His mother looks him in the eyes and no words are said. When he comes to it looks like their conversation was anything but positive. He glares at Peter and it’s apparent that he knows something more than he should. Stiles and Lydia are camped out in his room trying to make sense of the facts from their latest case. Lydia is feeling down but Stiles does everything he can to build her up again. They agree to go back to the school to see what they can find. In the Chem lab they find Barrow’s blood, which was masked by all the solvents in the room. On the board they see 19, 53, 88 written. Lydia is quick to realize that it stands for potassium, iron, and radium, which doesn’t make much sense. However, the elements do spell out Kira. Now with the knowledge of who Barrow is after Scott, Lydia and Stiles rush off to find him. Unfortunately they are too late. Barrow got to Scott first and knocks him out with a pipe and takes Kira. Scott comes to and Lydia is growing frustrated with why she can’t figure out anything out. After a good scream it comes to her, it wasn’t flies she was hearing, it was an electrical current. Barrow was an electrical engineer who worked at a substation. The trio rush off and get there just in time. Barrow’s jolts Scott with a live wire and then continues to go after Kira. When he goes to electrocute her she repels the current and blasts Barrow away. She then begins absorbing the current, energy, and light. Scott watches in amazement. She looks a bit shocked too. Beacon Hills slowly succumbs to the darkness. Back at Allison’s, Isaac watches the power flicker then eventually fade. What he isn’t prepared for are the dark figures that begin to surround him. Argent and Allison feel something is off and rush to the bedroom. The door is slammed shut and Isaac is trapped inside with the dark figures. Till next week my wolf pack!


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