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Spoiler Alert: Downton Abbey Producers Reveal Season Four Secrets

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/16/2013 5:37 am
Spoiler Alert: Downton Abbey Producers Reveal Season Four Secrets


Whitney Pierce
Staff Writer

Anyone here want some Downton Abbey information, news and/or spoilers? Then keep reading!

The fourth season of the show is creeping closer to its premiere date and the cast and producers have been dropping some clues, hints and plot details to get everyone excited for the upcoming season. Sit back, relax and get ready to see what is going on at the Abbey! And if it wasn’t obvious until now, there will be a load of spoilers ahead.

Matthew Crawley is gone…as in forever.

Last year, during the Christmas episode, the nation was rocked and then kicked in the feels and the heart by the tragic and unexpected death of Matthew Crawley. It was speculated that perhaps the car crash that he was in was just a dream but alas, it was not. 

Producer Gareth Neame made a statement saying that moments like that are moments to “cherish” because they will be remembered forever. He goes on to add that it’s moments like that that keeps people coming back to the show every week.

Mourning all over the place.

The fourth season starts six months after the passing of Crawley but everyone is still mourning, frowning, crying and wearing black. Characters Branson and Lady Mary both lost their lovers and spouses, and we will begin to see them form a bond over the common ground. Don’t get to excited or upset, either way, because the rumors that they will start a romance have been denied by the both of them. They could be trolling us and lying to our faces, but probably not since this death is a huge deal.

The death will affect everyone in the household, upstairs and downstairs. The attempt to bring Mary out of mourning and to find her a new love will take place in early episodes.

Speaking of love…hello fellas!

Even if she’s sad at the loss of Matthew, Lady Mary will most likely find a new man, and it appears that there are a couple of contenders showing up this season. One will be an old family friend, Lord Anthony Gillingham, who will first show up at a party to help lift Mary’s spirits. I like the sound of him.

The second man is an aristocrat named Charles Blake. Not a lot of information on him at this time, so he’s a bit of a mystery.

As most shippers don’t want to see one half of their ship forget about the other immediately, Gareth Neame says that it won’t happen by the first commercial break; however, romance has always been at the center of the show, so there are definitely many routes for romance.

Downton Gets Jazzy

What I consider to be a bit of milestone in the show is that Downton will be getting their first black character this season! Jack Ross is part of a jazz band that will be introduced after a bunch of the ladies are thoroughly impressed by his musical talents. He will definitely visit Downton with his band, and will definitely be causing a stir. Drama!


Poor Mary is riding an emotional roller coaster this season. Now that Matthew is deceased, she is a single mother. No worries though, as due to her being within the aristocracy, she probably won’t see her baby very much as that’s just not how it worked. She has a nanny and governess to look after baby George. It could be best not to rush into trying to be number one mom, because that child will be a constant reminder of Matthew. Gosh, I really hope that things start to look up for Lady Mary!


Apparently Edith is just a very unlucky woman and she will stay that way. Actress Laura Carmichael says not to expect a massive turnaround in her fortunes, but to definitely expect Edith to be a lot more feisty this season, as she spends a lot more time in London. Without giving too much away about what is in store for Edith’s love life, Carmichael says, “She is still involved with her editor and it is a lot more complicated than that.” Sounds scandalous!

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson - Keep Dreaming

Sorry fans, it looks like they will not be starting a fresh new romance, at least not this season. They still will have a great working relationship and get to share a glass of sherry together every once in while, though. Sounds angsty, folks!

Kiri Te Kanawa is doing what!?

The opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa has been cast on the show in the most outrageous role. She’s been cast as… an opera singer. Unbelievable. Kanawa said that she couldn’t say yes fast enough when she was asked to play the role of legendary opera singer Dame Nellie Melba. She will be staying very true to the character because Nellie Melba was the only real-life character who actually lived during the whole of the Downton series.

Paul Giamatti

That’s right! Paul Giamatti will be joining the show at Christmas to portray a maverick playboy, and Cora’s brother.. 

Is this the on button?

There have been a lot of technological advances that have taken place in the first three series of Downton, and season four perhaps brings one of the greatest…the arrival of the electric whisk. How is Mrs. Patmore going to deal with this development!? They are going to be mixing up stuff left and right just because they can!

No one will unexpectedly die…probably.

Unless the cast and producers are hardcore trolling us, they all seem to be saying that everyone will be back to do a series five next year, but beyond that, it is unsure. Hopefully this is true because I honestly don’t know how much more pain we can go through with loss of characters!

What a treasure trove of information, Downton fans!

Downton Abbey will return to ITV in September and will air in America in 2014 on PBS.


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