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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 6 (Fanfic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/02/2016 12:29 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Star Wars: The Falcon Chapter 6 (Fanfic Friday) | Fanfic
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped/Michelle Dawson

Only two more chapters to go on this Star Wars fanfiction! Hope you all have enjoyed the tale thus far!

The Falcon: Chapter 6

They flew the Falcon to the location Finn specified before beginning their descent. Han took a deep breath. “Hold on to something. We have to fly in real low so they can’t see us,” he announced, as he aimed the ship straight for the trees.

Chewie began panicking, but Han interjected. “It’s okay, big guy. If we go any higher than this, they’ll know we’re here. We have to get in, get out, and get Rey,” he said in a calming tone.  

Rose laughed to herself, as she thought about all they things they needed to accomplish in a very limited amount of time. Her train of thought was interrupted, as they crash-landed in the snow and began sliding forward. Rose took a deep breath, as she said a quick prayer that the landing wouldn’t do them in.  

They skidded to a stop. “C’mon. We’ll need some coats,” Han stated, as he got up with a sigh of relief. Rose glared at him, as she, too, got up.  

“I’m supposed to keep you safe, and you aren’t making it very easy,” she growled.  

Han gave her a quick half smile before leading the way to some winter gear. The team suited up before heading out into the snow.  

Finn stopped them just as they reached the bay doors. “Okay, so we get in, take out whoever is in there, and then we lower the shield and go get Rey,” announcing the plan in the form of a to-do list.  

Han raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, it hasn’t changed any, kid.” Rose slapped him lightly on the arm before they embarked on their mission.  

They only found one StormTrooper guarding the main room, and Captain Phasma was easy to take over.  

“What do we do with her?” Rose asked after they’d succeeded in lowering the shields.  

Han grinned. “Is there a garbage shoot?” Rose could tell from his smile that the past offered some kind of memory involving a garbage shoot.  

Finn nodded, as they disposed of the Captain. “Now, we sneak in and get Rey,” Finn said with a large smile on his face.  

Han nodded, and they began making their way deeper into the First Order’s ship. They didn’t encounter any Resistance, as they found a spot to duck into a corner and hide.  

Finn began a long-winded plan about how to find her when Rose noticed Han pushing out his lower lip and gesturing behind Finn.  

“Why are you doing that? I’m trying to be serious and make a plan but you’re just..." and then Finn imitated the motion Han had been making.  

Rose tapped Finn’s shoulder and pointed at the glass behind them. “We’ve already found her,” she said.

Finn turned and smiled at the sight of Rey climbing through the innards of the base. Han led them to where they could meet her, and they ran smack into Rey.  

“You came for me?” She said, her tone filled with awe. Han smiled his famous half smile, as Finn embraced Rey.  

Rose smiled, too, but quickly interrupted the moment. “We should get out of here now.”

Han nodded in agreement, as he grabbed her hand and led the group back into the snow to get to the ship and fly out before the Resistance blew it up.  

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