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"Stay A Little Longer" On This Week's Parenthood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/11/2014 8:29 am
PopWrapped | Television

Shelby Parker

Staff Writer

With each week that passes, the cast and writers of Parenthood always find a new way to tug at your heart, and sometimes that might even mean crushing it or leaving you in tears. Last night's episode of Parenthood, "Stay A Little Longer," was no different. Between Julia's confession about Ed kissing her and the goodbye between Amber and Ryan, it was pretty hard to not get even the tiniest bit emotional while watching. So, let's get started... After the little incident between Ed and Joel last week, word has been getting around about, and rumors have been swirling, that Joel and Julia are getting a divorce. Julia hears the moms talking as she drops the kids off, and decides to say something, "What do you wanna know?" and that really catches them off guard. Though, I'm not exactly happy with her in the situation of lying to Joel about everything, I am really glad she stood up for herself, because those moms try to act so "holier than thou" every week, and they have no idea what the situation is. It's really none of their business whatsoever. Then, Joel and Julia have "the conversation" that we all knew was coming. She opens up to him about the fact that Ed kissed her, and she didn't tell him because it didn't mean anything on her part. But he's obviously hurt, since he asked her to be honest and practically begged her to give him the details of what was going on between them. Obviously going through a tough time, it starts to affect Joel on his job with Pete, and almost costs him everything. Pete has a talk with him in his office after their meeting with a client, and he was a bit scattered on some of the facts and plans. She tells him, "this is your job and it's a big one, so get it together." It didn't seem to be a huge deal, but apparently it was and leaves Joel feeling extremely stressed out. Julia tries to talk to Joel about it, but he just really isn't sure about any of it. He doesn't think it can be fixed and tells her flat out, "The marriage is not the problem. The problem is you." However, I do think they both need to work on certain aspects. This specific situation, Julia took too far, and should be able to see where Joel is coming from, especially lying to him when he asked her several different times. Max goes through a bit of a rough patch with the only friend at school he had, Micah. Adam and Kristina don't really know what's wrong, until Adam tries talking to Max. Max explains that it might have something to do with the fact that he told Micah that basketball sucked and he wouldn't even be able to play because he's in a wheelchair. Max talks to Hank about the whole ordeal, when Hank gets a call about Sarah about getting the photography job. Max tells Hank that he likes him better than Aunt Sarah, but when the conversation starts to get a bit deeper, Max tells him, "I can't talk about Aunt Sarah... I have to either change the subject or leave." His delivery always leaves me so in awe. As for his trouble with Micah, Adam suggests that Max invite Micah to a basketball game with them, but when he tells him all about it, he still doesn't want to go, but Adam and Kristina know that he's getting older and they can't just jump in and take care of everything for him. They go to the game and end up getting Max a little more pumped up than he might usually be. Sarah gets a really great opportunity for a photography gig after Carl tells her that one of the guys she met with at the benefit asked her to come give it a try. When she goes in for the interview, she happens to run into Hank, who also had the same interview. That really seems to bother him, and he keeps asking how she was able to get it, when she's just a beginner. She eventually gets the job, and ends up coming to Hank to offer a proposition - that they should work together. They work out the money situation, and decide to go in on it together. Oliver invites himself over to Crosby's house, and even though Jasmine is waving her arms and saying, "no," he lets him, because he's having a hard time with the rest of the band and has nowhere else to go. He has a bit of a different lifestyle, and they want to make sure that Jabaar isn't necessarily picking up things from him, like watching Jaws late at night, smoking or any of the other crazy things he might bring up. Adam comes over to gang up with Crosby to do an intervention, but it doesn't exactly work. Oliver just says, "you can't force creativity." Finally, Jasmine has a talk with him that turns out to be a really beautiful moment. She asks him if maybe he is afraid because once the CD is finished, it's out there, and people can say whatever they want. He admitted, "I'm not afraid of sucking. I'm afraid of being mediocre." Their conversation inspires him to write a song about Jasmine, and he gets out of their hair. And then there's what seems to be the last of "Ryber" for the time being. Ryan comes over early to pick up the last of his stuff, which throws Amber off. She just didn't want to be around him, and doesn't think there's any need to talk to him about anything else. It is what it is, and there isn't a whole lot else they can do to change that. But after Zeek has a talk with both of them separately, Amber decides to see him off before he goes. Such a beautiful scene, as they both fight back tears and Amber tells him to promise her that he will make it home safely. He tells her that he'll "be careful." I'm starting to wonder if that line was foreshadowing of sorts, and my heart aches just thinking about that, but I guess we will just have to see. Amber talks to Zeek about Ryan's leaving, since he's always understood him more on the military level, and he tells her, "it's going to be okay, okay?" Right now, that's really all she can trust. Next week's episode is sure to be another juicy one. According to the show's page on, "Camille comes home, Amber runs away from home, and Joel and Julia's home falls apart. David Watson, Ray Romano and John Corbett guest star."


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