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Television PopWrapped | Television

Stephen Amell And SummerSlam 2015: Worth It

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

08/25/2015 11:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Stephen Amell And SummerSlam 2015: Worth It | SummerSlam
Media Courtesy of WWE
Arrow star Stephen Amell, a longtime wrestling fan, finally got his wish Sunday when he fought alongside Neville in a tag team match against Stardust and King Barrett. Thanks to Mr. Queen, for the first time ever I sat down and watched a WWE event and it was...awesome. Seriously, SummerSlam was a blast to watch from beginning to end. But this girl tuned in for one reason and one reason only; Stephen Amell. And he did not disappoint! I think we tend to underestimate actors in terms of physical prowess but Amell brings grace and fluidity to his movements combined with a powerful athleticism that left me in awe of him. Amell made his entrance in Arrow's trademark hood, the arena lit with green, and I squeed. It was a fangirl moment of epic proportions; the moment Oliver Queen stepped out the pages of the comic book and into my world. I mean, I must have squealed for a solid two minutes at the sight of those chiseled features with his eyes hidden behind that iconic hood I'd come to love so much over the past three seasons of the show. Honestly...what's not to love, right? Just look at him.
SummerSlam Courtesy WWE
When the bell rang, it was Neville who took to the ring first. But Stardust refused to fight him saying, "I don't want you; I want him," pointing to Amell on the other side of the ropes. Just a little sidebar, Stardust is almost his own comic book villain. He clearly got his inspiration from DC's Joker, particularly in the high, manic laugh he let loose throughout the match. So it truly felt like a heroes vs. villains event. When Amell finally entered the ring to fight, he launched himself over the ropes with the grace of a cat and I knew it was on.
SummerSlam Courtesy WWE
  Stephen got in some good shots. He truly held his own against these pros but things turned south quickly for our hooded hero and he began to take a bit of a beating. He was kicked, tossed against the ropes and at one point, slung over King Barrett's shoulder like a sack of potatoes with the commentators advising Amell to "tag in his stunt double."
SummerSlam Courtesy WWE
But soon the tides shifted and Amell tagged in Neville who unleashed a big ol' can whoop on Stardust and King Barrett, eventually tossing both men from the ring. As the villains attempted to gather their wits and crawl to their feet, our hero, Stephen,  climbed the ropes and leapt into the air, sailing down on both of them in a fantastic takedown that led to victory. Seriously, it was fantastic! Check out the video below.
The fans were on their feet, cheering for their hero. And one man brandished a sign saying, "Stardust, you have failed this city."  By the end of the match, Amell had won the respect of the commentators and the fans in the audience and at home.
SummerSlam Courtesy WWE
Even his Arrow co-stars were tuning in to show their support. John Barrowman, the villainous Malcolm Merlyn, Periscoped himself as he watched the match live. His love for Amell is clear and endearing, utterly contagious and a little bit hilarious.
On Monday, Amell tweeted a picture of his bruised and scraped back with the caption, "Worth it." And it really, really was.


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