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Stephen Colbert Kisses His Way Through Late Night

Rene Bohn | PopWrapped Author

Rene Bohn

03/16/2016 12:48 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Stephen Colbert Kisses His Way Through Late Night | Stephen Colbert
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Stephen Colbert must feel like he's king of the world right about now. With just over 100 episodes of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert under his belt, he just managed to participate in some steamy smooching with a couple of Hollywood's hottest leading ladies.

Stephen's best week ever began on March 8 with a visit with the stunning Helen Mirren. After she was introduced by the late night host she came on stage to greet him, but instead of the obligatory kiss on the cheek most female guests receive from Stephen, she immediately grabbed his head, wet her lips, and let him have a sensual smacker right on the lips. As she let him go and walked to her seat, a completely flustered Colbert stood as still as a statue--no doubt taking the surprising moment in. He looked stunned, overcome, embarrassed and (most of all) happy with the start of the interview.

After Stephen Colbert took a seat behind his desk, an apologetic Mirren admitted "I've been dreaming of doing that for about 15 years. So  just grabbed my chance. I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry." Giving an adorably loopy smile he replied, "I suddenly can't remember any questions."  It was a terribly cute interaction between two wonderfully talented people.

Cut to March 9 when Colbert welcomed beloved actress Sally Field to the stage to promote her new comedy Hello, My Name is Doris. Things started off innocuous enough with Colbert and Field having a "cheek kiss" moment--but then things took a turn for the very, very interesting. Colbert motioned for Field to have a seat, but she resisted and instead beckoned him closer to her with her finger. As he moved forward she grabbed his head and pretty much decimated the kiss he had received from Mirren the night before. This was a kiss that could be counted in seconds. At first Colbert was very stunned and then he surrendered to the moment by grabbing Field's head and holding her to him for just a little bit longer...

Breaking away from the kiss, Field fluffed her hair as Colbert slipped to the floor behind his desk. He reemerged red-faced, embarrassed, and overcome with emotion. If he was surprised with Mirren's kiss then he had to be completely stupefied with the gift that Field gave him. He admitted to her that he had a huge crush on her when he was a kid and that it was all coming back in a large way. Field admitted, "I figured Helen did it, why can't I?" Stephen immediately replied," You won't get any argument from me. This job is getting better every day." Later in the interview she admitted that she doesn't have any issues with kissing men (she's been doing it on screen for over 50 years) and "a pair of lips is a pair of lips, huh?"

The two had a lovely chat about her career and showed clips from her upcoming movie. As the interview came to a close they both looked at each other in a silence that was only broken when Colbert admitted that he felt they were both saying goodbye at the end of a really good first date. He also admitted that he realized his wife would be watching the show that night and then they both waved into the camera--all with Stephen flashing his goofy grin.

The next night the fun continued with Colbert re-visiting his extra special moment with Mirren and Field by joking, "So it's been an eventful week for my face. I'm feeling great about myself." He shared that the kissing made for some good television moments but also some "awkward silence moments" when he got home. Then he quickly let everyone know that his wife was totally fine with the kissing and that she now has a free pass to kiss a celebrity gentleman of specific age. Colbert says he suggested Ian McKellan and his wife suggested Paul Rudd...

Indeed, many great things happened to Colbert's face this week and he's obviously pleased that it was so. It was a lot of fun and even continued through to March 11, when guest Jeff Daniels made sure to greet Colbert with a quick peck!

Did you see any of these awesome Stephen Colbert moments? What did you think? I am of the opinion that Mirren and Field are two of the luckiest ladies in the world and they got the better deal out of these moments. Let me know your thoughts down below!


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