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Stephen King Hits Out Against Kubrick's The Shining Again

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/20/2013 11:00 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Stephen King Hits Out Against Kubrick's The Shining Again

Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Stephen “Master of Horror” King has never been shy about expressing his feelings. When he loves you, his praise is endless. I’m sure his adoration of JK Rowling helped boost her confidence a little bit. But, on the flipside, if he does not like you, well, just duck. Remember when he basically called Stephanie Meyer a no-talent ass-clown? Ouch. King's most recent victim is Stanley Kubrick...again. King has made no bones about voicing his displeasure with Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of his successful novel, The Shining. He even has gone so far as to claim that Wendy (played by the oh-so-obnoxious Shelley Duvall) is “one of the most misogynistic characters ever put on film.” Well, Mr. King. I can’t say I disagree with you. In fact, she single handedly ruined that movie for me. King also said that he thought the movie was cold. "[It's] cold, I'm not a cold guy," King explained to Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor. "I think one of the things people relate to in my books is this warmth, there's a reaching out and saying to the reader, 'I want you to be a part of this'. "With Kubrick's The Shining I felt that it was very cold, very 'We're looking at these people, but they're like ants in an anthill, aren't they doing interesting things, these little insects'." He also spoke up about how he felt about Jack Nicholson playing his lead character, Jack Torrance. "Jack Torrance in the movie seems crazy from the jump. Jack Nicholson, I'd seen all his biker pictures in the '50s and '60s and I thought, he's just channeling The Wild Angels here.” As for Shelley Duvall, well, King talked about that as well. “Shelley Duvall as Wendy is really one of the most misogynistic characters ever put on film. She's basically just there to scream and be stupid and that's not the woman that I wrote about." What is the lesson we learned today? Do not piss off Stephen King. If you do, you will surely hear about it.


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