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Steven Moffat Reveals 'A Chapter You Didn't Know' About The Doctor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/10/2013 10:45 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Steven Moffat Reveals 'A Chapter You Didn't Know' About The Doctor
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Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer

Have we been duped? Have we been scammed? Or has Moffat just pulled one over on us again? As always with the popular time-traveling sci-fi adventure, Doctor Who, there is something that we the fans do not know! Head writer Steven Moffat reveals that the long-awaited 50th anniversary episode comes with a surprise. “There’s a chapter you didn’t know.” How could this be; fans have been following this show for decades! There are tumblr tags dedicated to making sense of the wibbly wobbly, timey whimey life of our mysterious and beloved Time Lord. What does Moffat mean when he says we don’t know? In an interview with SFX, Moffat hints at the true nature of the Doctor’s recently unmasked incarnation, played by John Hurt (Merlin). The missing chapter, he says, is filled by the life and actions of Hurt’s Doctor. “There’s a whole lot of stuff you missed! It’s a nice thing to be able to say in the show, and for no one to be able to contradict you, that there were years you didn’t know about. “We lied and lied—there’s a whole big chapter you didn’t know.” And if that doesn’t surprise you, Moffat claims that Hurt’s version of the two-hearted Gallifreyan is a “rougher, tougher Doctor.” Forget the sassy, lovable, fresh-out-of-the-Time-War hero we all found in Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, because we’re about to run out of laughs. “It looks like somehow he’s been through it a bit,” Moffat says. “This isn’t a Doctor who’s just appeared, he’s been around, and he’s been in this form for a while.” Moffat has even gone so far as to suggest Hurt’s inclusion in the mythology of Doctor Who. With so many fans bouncing rumors as to the origins and truth behind Hurt’s Doctor, it will be good to have the record set straight. The Day of the Doctor will be screened on BBC, affiliate channels, and cinemas worldwide on November 23, 2013 at 7.50pm GMT and 2.50pm Eastern.


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