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Steven Moffat Talks Mary, Moriarty And Season 3 Finale

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02/06/2014 10:04 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Steven Moffat Talks Mary, Moriarty And Season 3 Finale
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Megan May

Staff Writer

In a recent exclusive interview with collider, writer and producer Steven Moffat talks about the season three finale of Sherlock.
In the interview, he gushed about how happy he was that people embraced the show. 
Moffat revealed that him and Mark Gatiss, who plays Mycroft in the show, are fans of the original books
"We are Sherlock Holmes fanboys. That’s why we’re doing it.  So, to get to do a version, at all, is an amazing treat for us."
Moffat also talked about the twists with Mary and with Moriarty saying that there were obvious signs with Mary but the viewers were blinded by how great she seemed.
"The Moriarty thing is obviously a complete cheat, but it’s still fun. The Mary thing is interesting. The reason you didn’t spot it is because you liked her.  All the evidence is absolutely under your nose.  It’s all there. She immediately likes Sherlock Holmes, which is the sure sign of a maniac.  But all the audience is thinking is, “Well, thank god, she’s not a drag.  Thank god, she’s fun,” instead of thinking, “What sort of person is that? So, when she turns around and points a gun at Sherlock, It’s a surprise, but you also think, “I should have seen that!"
So how will the Sherlock and Mary storyline play out you wonder?
Moffat has the answer! "These are all magnificent people.  They’re all bad people, but that’s all right.  They’re all bad people together."
Moffat even talked about having women in the show, giving them bigger parts than they were originally supposed to have, and how he wanted to make them more interesting. 
"One of the interesting things about Sherlock, as a show, is that we want to stick very close to the style and approach of the original stories, but the one big problem is that there are no women, and what women do turn up are not that great.  They’re a bit boring.  Not all of them, but most of them are not very interesting.  I sometimes forget that Mrs. Hudson doesn’t really speak in the original, and we’ve given her a big part.  That’s a nice female perspective on those two."
 Moffat also left fans on the edge about Moriarty saying.
"You’re going to have to wait and see what we’re gonna do. This is not a whim. This is the longest term plan we’ve had. The plan has been in place since the end of the first season, It’s all perfectly logical, and I think people will like it."
 What were your thoughts on the season three finale and the interview?
 Let us know!


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