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PopWrapped | Recaps
Stitchers: 02x01, 2.0 | 2.0
Media Courtesy of SpoilerTV

Here we go with the new season of Stitchers "2.0"!

We pick right up with Cameron's heart starting up again after they declare him dead. Kirsten has so many new emotions in this scene. So many Camsten feels!

Cameron is in the hospital recovering, and they find out Fisher is okay, and Cameron wants to know what she saw. She flashes to all what she saw, but she doesn't tell him.

Camille and Linus are in the hall talking about Kirsten's new emotions and their relationship.

The big bosses have a discussion about the events, and we want to know all their secrets. Maggie calls Les the biggest threat, and she is probably right.  She thinks he killed Ed Clark, and he pretty much says yes. He's definitely a big bad.

Kirsten wakes up to find Cameron ready to go, and Linus appears to let the cat out of the bag about her emotions. Cameron and Kirsten go to visit Fisher and reveal that Les is dirty. Kirsten goes off in a rage to find Les dead. Did Maggie kill him?

They go back to the lab, and the security is super high. Maggie introduces their new NSA bodyguards. Kirsten gets a new suit! Time to stitch! We like all the characters in their 2.0 format. We are gonna enter Les' memories:

Les' memories are all jumbled. Kirsten is overwhelmed, and she bounces to barf. 

It's possible Les trained himself to not be able to be stitched. Kirsten and Cameron head to Les' apartment to investigate.

Camille is with Fisher, who has to have a sponge bath before she has to do some of her own investigation.

Kirsten reveals that she thinks stitching into Cameron turned her emotions back on. Camille has info to give them, and they have to dump their bodyguards. They go to a warehouse to look for clues. Cameron is super ballsy now. They find a super strange room that once housed something, and there is electricity or something where it was. More Camsten feels! They get caught and tased. While they're under lock and key, Kirsten reveals to Cameron what she saw in the stitch with him. Maggie interrupts.

Back at the lab, they are gonna stitch with Les again. They find out about a project grasshopper. She also saw Maggie kill Les. Maggie says she didn't. Linus has to fix the memory, and Kirsten looks again. Whoa, they have to do a three people puzzle to fix the memory.

They didn't have enough time for her to see who did it.

Camille and Kirsten were headed home, but she had a flash. They find a cold room with a body inside. It's Edward Clark. Kirsten feels super betrayed at the minute. Kirsten wants to stitch with Ed. The memory revealed the same person killed Ed and Les. Kirsten doesn't think they're in any danger for now. Cameron and Kirsten have a moment about the Ed secret; he says he doesn't have a secret, but she knows that he's in love with her. We just got chills at their potential love. Cameron knows she's lying when she says she didn't see anything. Oh my damn!

Kirsten goes home and has a memory of her father and the smell that keeps coming up in her stitches. Her dad is alive.


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