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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Stitchers: 02x02, Hack Me If You Can

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
04/01/2016 4:47 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Stitchers: 02x02, Hack Me If You Can | Hack Me If You Can
Media Courtesy of Freeform

What's next for our 2.0 team? Linus moved out, and his parents find him and Camille together, and they don't love that he moved out. Mom thinks Camille is moving in with Linus, but they are not -- we are so hoping it will happen someday.

Cameron bought a motorcycle. He found one, and Kirsten hops on. Camsten! Cameron 2.0 is so different! Work calls them in, and playtime is over.

Maggie has worked a big meeting, and their dead person of the week is a big time hacker. He was an FBI asset. Time to stitch!

The memories reveal a blonde yelling at him -- his handler? Then, she goes to the day he died to inspect, and there's an email from a site that helps married people cheat. His insulin pump overdid it and killed him. 

The stitchers' theory is the website had him killed. The pump could have been hacked.

Fisher is recuperating by boxing. Camille interrupts because she's his babysitter, and she's curious about learning self defense. Cameron and Kirsten show up, and Fisher gives her advice on finding her dad.

Camille has an idea on the hacker case. Camille is undercover to see about the owner of the cheater company. 

Camille got all his bank info, and Kirsten got a lead on her dad. Meanwhile, Maggie is meeting Blair, the bigger boss. He's pretty creepy, but he gives Maggie a big promotion.

The lead on the hacker's murder turns into a huge super-hacking situation. They find the blonde from the memory to interrogate. She was worried about his diabetes, so they don't think she did it.

Back to square one.

They have another lead. They go to the address Camille gave them, and it's nothing. Kirsten gets a call from the team of super-hackers, which is actually one woman. This woman is treating it like a game, and she wants to be found. Her name is Ellie.

Fisher helps them, but he wants to use the computer, and he's a two-fingers typer, which is killing them. They have to wait a few hours, so Cameron goes to buy his bike. Kirsten has some ideas about Ellie.

Cameron's cards are all being declined, which means he might've been hit by Ellie. Cameron is now nervous, but Kirsten is ready to take Ellie down. Kirsten gets arrested, thanks to Ellie, for prostitution.

Kirsten doesn't actually get arrested, and Cameron joins her. Ellie calls back and compares their game to Star Trek, which we think she did wrong. Ellie threatens Linus which puts them in action mode.

Linus gets home just in time to be tackled by Cameron. Back at stitchers HQ, Linus applauds Ellie. Kirsten shows up and has an idea, and we need to stitch again.

The murdered hacker was married, and now we think Ellie could be his wife and he cheated using that website. Kirsten finds an address. They find a woman at the house and decide to ask her some questions. Kirsten gets a call from Ellie, and she is threatening the girl. They find her identify, but she's dead. They found her!!!! And Fisher is back in action!

Ellie might be able to help Kirsten find her father.


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