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Television / Recaps / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

There Are "Strangers In The Night" On This Week's Modern Family

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

12/04/2014 9:43 am
PopWrapped | Television
There Are
Media Courtesy of ABC
This week's episode of Modern Family began at the Dunphy residence, with the discovery of mystery flowers in their mailbox, which everyone assumes is meant for Haley. Alex gets irritated, as they could be for anyone, when Phil chimes in claiming they could be for him as he washed his car in his cheer shorts earlier that week. Alex then tells everyone that they were for her, from her boyfriend, who she says is a model, much to the disbelief of Claire and Haley. Phil believes Alex, but the others are adamant that he's fake. Her boyfriend, Alec, dumps her to move to Africa, but the same night, Alex claims to have another date, which Phil and Claire do not believe, leaving Phil doubtful of Alec too. They are soon shocked when her date, Teddy Keys, turns up to take her out, revealing that he was the one leaving the flowers. Over at the Tucker-Pritchett's, Cam and Mitch have invested in an expensive white sofa, which they want to use to teach Lily respect for their nice items. This all falls apart though when Mitch is guilted into comforting a recent divorcee, Brenda (Kristen Johnston), from work, which culminates in Cam persuading him to let her stay for the night. Brenda instantly makes a bee-line for the immaculate couch, crying about all the reasons Doug left her, many including her messy nature. Cam and Mitch manage to get her to sleep in their bed rather than the sofa, but when they wake up on the floor of their living room, Brenda has appeared next to them, sleeping on their brand new piece of furniture. Not a lot happened with the Pritchett family this week; Jay attempted to use a dog party, with all of his new dog-park friends, as a bargaining chip to get out of a Colombian picnic the following day. Dressed up in matching bow-ties, Jay and Stella, accompanied by Gloria, left for this party which Gloria found incredibly weird and left early. Jay was so close to having his bargaining chip, until Manny persuaded Gloria to return. The next day, as Jay was leaving, somewhat unhappily, to the picnic, he believed that Manny orchestrated the whole thing to get control of the big TV, when in reality, Manny was just reading the back of his DVD case. Overall, a nice episode that was not as hectic as the previous Thanksgiving episode, but Luke's character was certainly pushed to the side this week. I did like the coordination of Phil and Claire when "apologizing" to Alex before she left for her new date; it was a nice change to see the pair work together rather than against each other, as is normally the case.

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