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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Subplots And Twists Take Center Stage On This Week's Castle, "Law And Boarder"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/01/2014 11:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
Subplots And Twists Take Center Stage On This Week's Castle,
Media Courtesy of ABC

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Staff Writer


I enjoyed this week’s Castle. The humor hit the mark, the story was interesting, and although I had an inkling of who the murderer was, right up until the end I couldn’t work out why…which is key in any good mystery. We open with a guy on a skateboard getting chased by a masked rider on an off-road bike. The biker opens fire and kills the kid. This episode has two subplots that have nothing to do with the story but are quiet amusing. The first is that Beckett beat Castle at Scrabble (which we are informed never happens) and he is taking it badly, so throughout the entire episode Castle is trying to rematch her and keeps losing. This really resinated with me as my game is Connect 4 and if anyone ever beats me at it (which is rare), I must keep playing till my victory is assured. The second subplot is Beckett has chosen Lanley as her Maid of Honor for the wedding, and Ryan and Esposito (Who from now on will be known as ‘R&E’) want to know who Castle will choose as the Best Man. Watching these two compete for Castle without going overboard was very funny and worth watching the episode just for this. Anyway, on with our murder… Our murder victim is Logan Moore. R&E check out an address which belongs to a friend named Holly. We learn Logan came from poor beginnings and, while staying with her, he asked to ship a small box to her place. Logan was a pro skateboarder here for the Streets Sports Festival and was a favorite to win. The main rival of Logan was Manny Castro, who was caught fighting on camera a day before. When confronted he says it’s part of the act usually but he caught Logan ransacking the festival office. Tommy Faulten (the festival organizer) says he had a gun that was stolen and tells Beckett Logan got a threatening phone call a few days before. Further investigation shows Logan was staying with a rich kid called Ross Deckon who is organizing his 21st in a few days. He tells them Logan’s mum dated Enver, an Albanian who was part of the mob he helped send to prison. They bring him in but he says he found the Lord and met up to apologize. Logan said he would meet him if he gave him $3000. Enver did so as penance, and also tells the cops Logan had a gun and a black duffel bag (which was not at the crime scene). Upon further investigation, Logan went to a 24-hour gym before he was killed. He was often there practicing his climbing on the rock wall and the duffel contained the gun, climbing gear, and equipment to break into a building. He also went to an electronics store and bought a 10-year-old camcorder (which is still missing). The security cameras find that it was not Logan who dropped off the bag, but a Carter Wexland (an athlete in the games who does motocross). They bring him in and he says the last time he saw Logan he was still alive. Logan hired him to help him break into an office (Giving him the $3000 as payment). He said he was making things right for a friend who died. The building reported no break in and it belongs to a law office (Brett Zaretsky). Zaretsky denies it happened and says to get a subpoena and warrant if they want to come back. Castle and Beckett go to see Logan’s mum (still serving a prison sentence). She tells them about Jay, a kid he knew who died. It was a homicide and the case had gone cold. His body was left at a construction site with no witnesses. Search teams find the camcorder that was missing but no tape inside. Castle works out Logan bought it not to record but so he could play something. A bit of tape is left inside and they recover 6 sec of film. The film is at a construction site and shows a young Tommy Faulten (CEO of streets sports) threatening Logan if he talked… …Ok for the purpose of the story I will allow this, but I would like to point out without this bit of tape the entire case (and story) would fall apart. This is a deus ex machina to the extreme, but because I have been enjoying the story so far I will let it slide… The lawyer Zaretsky does the legal work for the street sports and represents Tommy Faulten personally. They bring both in and after a quick exchange, Tommy fires Zatesksy who was in on it by concealing evidence. Tommy tells them when they were younger he was recording them doing skate tricks. Jay was better at it than a kid called DK and through jealously and anger DK killed him. Logan wasn’t happy but they bullied him to keep his mouth shut and they cut a deal. DK would pay them 5 million dollars (which was in a trust fund). They needed to hang onto the tape until it was released when DK turned 21. This is why Logan was in such a rush to get it sorted because once DK bought the tape, all evidence would disappear. Of course DK turns out to be Ross Deckon and is charged with murder. So that plot is wound up, but what about our other two sub plots?!.... R&E say they are both going to be Castle’s Best Men, but Castle has already chosen his best man (He asked Lexis to be the bestwoman) but they will be his groomsman… …hmmm…while I have been to many weddings where the best man is a woman, usually it is because of friendships that surpass gender roles…to have Lexis as his best woman means she would need to organize his bucks night. That seems weird to me… The other plot is since Castle kept losing, instead of playing scrabble Beckett suggests they play strip poker. The episode ends with them both down to their bare minimums and finding this game so much better…and any excuse to see Stana Katic in her bra is okay in my book! ;-) I was very happy with how this episode turned out. It wouldn’t be Castle without some leaps of fantasy to make the plot work, but overall they distracted me enough with clever writing and an interesting story. You would think a guy who has over 5 million dollars to spare would have someone to take care of people, but again this is just me nit picking. A good 4/5 episode. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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