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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

"Suicidal Tendencies' Bring The Suicide Squad Back On 'Arrow' This Week

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

04/01/2015 10:42 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
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After Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer caused quite a fuss last week, Arrow returns with another action-packed episode. “Suicidal Tendencies” finds our beloved characters in brand-new adventures, with the Suicide Squad also making a comeback. So let’s break it down. It all begings at John and Lyla’s wedding, with Oliver being the best man and Felicity bringing Ray as her plus-one. Even though something goes wrong and the couple’s chosen priest can’t be present for the ceremony, Mr. Perfect Palmer is a minister too and saves the day by taking his place. After the ceremony, Laurel catches up with Oliver about her mysterious, new, female trainer, before Felicity interrupts with her just-caught bouquet. All of a suddent, the team is hit by the news of Arrow killing again and they all gather at the lair to watch a press conference about the police being after him with Ray’s resources. Oliver can tell it’s Ra’s and even though both Diggle and Lyla ask to help, they’re sent away to enjoy their honeymoon. The newlyweds get inside their limo, only to find out Deadshot is waiting for them to announce another task for the Suicide Squad. As they’re taken back at A.R.G.U.S., Amanda Waller sets the task of taking some government official back from Kasnian terrorists and John jumps in, so as not to leave his wife alone. With Cupid introduced as one of the team’s new members, they all get in location and Deadshot doubts the ability to combine family with jobs like theirs. The way is perfectly paved for the first of flashbacks, which finds Lawton going back home from the war, only to find that his daughter is afraid of him. Back to reality, Oliver goes after Ra’s and finds some of the League’s assassins are killing criminals in green hoods. Maseo appears and tells him to accept his boss’ offer and takes the gang out, while the Atom is flying outside, running an x-ray scan and finding out that Oliver has been hiding behind the mask of the Arrow. Despite Felicity’s efforts to convince Ray that the Arrow is being framed, he’s passionate about bringing the vigilante to justice and rather cold towards her. Another flashback finds Deadshot being kind of furious after his return from the war, with his wife forced to call 911 when he points a gun at her. Back in the present, Felicity rushes to inform Oliver about Ray’s actions. Mr. Palmer is talking with Laurel at the District Attorney’s and is told that his evidence is insufficient. Thinking her past with Oliver and new-found vigilante action to blame, he decided to take matters in his own hands. Over at Kasnia, the Squad jumps in the scene and the government official takes out a gun, as it was all a stunt and he wanted to end up saving the day. As Deadshot saves Cupid from fire and she kind of falls for him, Lyla finds out there are explosives all around the hospital. Yet one more flashback finds HIVE taking Lawton out of jail, with the mission to kill Andrew Diggle. Oliver pays Ray a visit and unsuccessfully tries to convince him of his innocence. Back to the lair, he argues with Felicity over the incident and soon suggests that Palmer can’t be both her lover and a vigilante, much like himself. A new tip for criminal activity takes the Arrow and the Arsenal in the city, but it ends up being a set-up from the Atom. Even though his super-suit kicks both’s asses, Oliver manages to deactivate his suit and let him live to prove he’s not a killer, urging him to trust Felicity. In the meantime, the Suicide Squad manage to trick the government official into believing they’re giving up. However, Deadshot is still out and starts the shooting from a roof top, in a self-sacrificing attempt to get everyone out before the explosion. Eventually, the day is saved, but he doesn’t even try to make it out. Felicity gets the apology she deserves from Ray and they’re back in couple mode, while Lyla announces her resignation from A.R.G.U.S. to her husband. Back at the lair,  Felicity thanks Oliver for proving her right to Palmer, before John returns to catch up and have a shot to honor Lawton. At the same time, Ray has a talk with the District Attorney and Captain Lance, trying to convince them that the Arrow is innocent. While at it though, Maseo sends an Arrow in from the window and kills the D.A., with Felicity seeming to be his next target. Now this is why we can always trust Arrow to deliver an action-packed and twists-filled episode! Make sure to catch up with “Suicidal Tendencies” and tune in next week for even more action.

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