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PopWrapped | Recaps
Suits: 05x01, Denial | Suits
Media Courtesy of imdb

So sorry to be so late with this recap.  If you forgive me, I promise to be on time for the rest of the season and I promise to write amazing recaps!

Last season of Suits ended with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) proposing to Rachel (Meghan Markle), Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving Harvey (Gabriel Macht) for Louis (Rick Hoffman) as his new secretary and Jessica's (Gina Torres) love life in shambles.

In season 4, Harvey finally told Donna he loved her, to the Darvey shippers delight, only to have it go nowhere... and it looks like it won't be happening anytime soon.  Harvey is in therapy because Donna is working for Louis.  We don't find out why he is seeking prescription drugs until later though.

Louis is terrified throughout the episode that Donna is just pretending to come work for him and his insecurities shine.  He worries over a list of secretaries Donna had for Harvey and punishes her with insane amounts of work.  Eventually, things smooth out and Donna and Louis even come up with their own tradition (like Harvey and Donna with the mysterious can opener) and have a cake.  Harvey only approaches Donna once and it's to regain her for the two weeks she offered to work but she rejects him and later he accepts the list to find a new secretary.

Rachel and Mike are engaged! They decide to keep it secret other than telling Donna and Rachel's Dad.  Mike slips up and tells a very cranky Harvey, who doesn't react very nicely.  Later though, he makes amends with front row tickets to the Knicks game.  Side note:  Whoever decided to change Mike's hair in the episode to make him look like Alaric from Vampire Diaries needs to fix it.  Thanks!

Harvey is given a case by Jessica to save a company from bankruptcy, but without Donna mistakes are made, even with Rachel working double time to try and help.  Luckily, Harvey always has a plan though and he's successful.

So, Harvey is in therapy and the reason is because he's having panic attacks from Donna leaving that are so bad he's throwing up.  He lied to the therapist stating he couldn't sleep and that's why he needed help but finally he confesses and she gives him a one week sample of the drug he seeks.  This was definitely a strange week for us suitors to see Harvey so vulnerable and weak.  He comes out strong though.  In the end, we think he's headed to have yet another panic attack after getting the list from Donna, but instead he flushes the pills and walks out with the classic Harvey confidence swag.

Questions from the season premiere:

How long will Donna working for Louis last?  It seems good for both Donna and Harvey so I'm hoping this one's kind of permanent, sorry Darvey fans.

Will anything mess up Rachel and Mike's engagement bubble?  This is a dramatic show so most likely.  Hopefully not though.

Will Harvey get a good secretary that makes him glad Donna's gone?  I know, suitors, that was almost a sin to type.

Will Jessica's man come back?

Tune in next week!


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