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PopWrapped | Recaps
Suits: 5x02, Compensation | Suits
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Hello Suitors!

Look at that, I'm late again but not as bad, I hope that counts for something.  So this week brought the drama hard, but also some new unions worth mentioning.  Spoilers ahead!

Let's start with the friendly storyline, Mike and Rachel.  Rachel goes to dinner with her father where they joke about chicken nuggets before he hands her a prenup that he wants her and Mike to sign, just in case. 

"I don't know what kind of man he is," Father Zane said to justify his actions.  Rachel doesn't want to do it, but brings it home where Mike finds it.  Mike approaches Rachel and she tells him what her father said, so Mike visits her Dad.  They discuss the fact that it's not so much about what kind of man Mike is, but his line of work.  He tells Mike that being with a powerful firm makes him a target and that puts Rachel at risk.  He says that you can cross a line and get everything taken.  So, Mike signs the prenup and gives it to Rachel like a gift. 

She still has no desire to sign it and goes to Jessica about it.  Is it just me, or is Jessica being completely unused this season so far?  She's a freaking great character.  Anyway, Jessica tells Rachel it's a matter of love, not money, which makes Rachel decide to give the prenup back.  Rachel also learns that her father came from nothing like the victims in Mike's case, well the case he wants to take, more about that in a few.

We jump headfirst back into the Louis, Donna, Harvey drama and it's a little tired.  This show is amazing but it has flaws, and its inability to make changes and stick with them is one.  It's like how the Vampire Diaries "kills" people off. 

So, there's a new guy in charge of compensation and his name is Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) and you may know him from The Last Ship as Tex.  Side note:  he's a lot more attractive in Suits, and a little slimy but we don't know yet.  So, he wants to change how lawyers get paid because Harvey gets paid by compensation, not billables (I think) and it gives him a lot more, but Soloff has no idea how much more yet. 

Soloff brings this to Louis and Louis lets him bring it up in the meeting so he can smack it down and show Harvey he has his back.  Donna warns Louis not to do that but he never listens, let's be real.  So, Harvey gets mad and yells at Louis.  Louis wants revenge and leaves Harvey's salary in the copier for easy access.  Harvey apologizes, but it's too late and Soloff finds out. 

An important thing we learned here was that Harvey's been paying Donna's salary and Louis doesn't want to pay that out of his own pocket.  Donna's in the middle of a war, but she's showing loyalty to Louis even when Harvey shows up at her door to finally tell her he's been paying her salary all along.  The last scene between Louis and Harvey is Harvey telling him that he will make Donna leave Louis.  Oh great!  Let's drag this situation out all season.  Sorry, it's aggravating.

In terms of actual lawyering, Mike gets a case from a friend (I don't remember ever seeing him before) and it's a do-gooder.  Mike wants to take it, but Jessica won't fund it, so he goes back to the Investment Banker he screwed and he soils his name to all other Bankers after rejecting it.  Finally, Mike brings some chicken nuggets to Robert Zane and asks him to take the case based on the information Jessica shared, and he offers to do it with Mike. 

I predict this will blow up in their faces, causing drama.  Things have been going smoothly for Mike and Rachel.  Too smooth. 

Harvey has a client who makes shoes and wants to sell to Adidas for $100 million.  Harvey wants to get him more and finds out he wants to sell because his friend just died.  Harvey gets him double the money.

Harvey also hired a new secretary and so far, I love her!

Alright Suitors, what did you think?  Where are we going?  I know at some point Harvey's rival Tanner will be back.  Do you think Donna will go back to Harvey or like me do you think she should leave the show instead of being abused by these two men?  Sound off in the comments!


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