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PopWrapped | Recaps
Suits: 5x03, No Refills | Suits
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This week on Suits, more Harvey/Donna drama, but luckily more than just that.  And look at me, on time with the recap!  What a day!  Warning, spoilers ahead!

Last week, Mike and Robert Zane agreed to do the insurance lawsuit together and Jessica finds out.  Jessica is pissed, to say the least, but she goes along with it.  She does, however, make sure to tell Robert that he needs to treat Mike like a partner representing her firm.  This causes trouble between Mike and Robert.  

Rachel is concerned her Dad and Mike can't work well together, but she backs off when Mike says that disagreements are part of life, and why not start by arguing on the same team?  I'm not going to go into detail about the case and the little snafoos they hit, but I will say when they reach the courtroom and Mike shows off his little trick where he can memorize anything with his photographic memory, Robert treats him as a partner because of it.

Harvey is back on top, or so it seems.  He and his new secretary, Gretchen are a good team.  Unfortunately, he's angry with Donna but refuses to say anything as we see in his therapy session at the end of the episode.  He hates Donna for moving on but not really leaving.  He has another panic attack at the mention of Mike leaving with Robert Zane.  Jessica accidentally causes this because she doesn't realize how much pain and anxiety he feels.  She tells him to get over his abandonment issues.  Easier said then done.

 Harvey's other challenge is Jack Soloff.  Soloff is making his life hell but Jessica wants Harvey to make nice, so Harvey tries and it backfires big time!  Harvey decides, with the help of devious Gretchen, to start stealing Soloff's clients using his connections to the NBA, cue Charles Barkley.

Louis is torn throughout the episode to his allegiance to Donna, who is upset with him for making her take sides and cover for him. In addition, Soloff threatens to turn Louis in for revealing Harvey's salary if he doesn't help.  By the end of the episode, Louis seems to be on team Donna and plans to leave Soloff alone, who thanks to Mike is cowering in fear.  But, nothing on this show is wrapped that easily so my bet is Soloff is about to come back hard.

What did you think, Suitors?

PS:  I want to love Jack Soloff because he's so awesome in The Last Ship as Tex but he's such an ass on Suits.  Maybe my undying love for Harvey makes me biased though.


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