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Suits Creator Talks Show's Flashback Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/22/2013 1:59 am
Suits Creator Talks Show's Flashback Episode

Adrienne Tyler
Staff Writer

In an interview with The Hollywood ReporterSuits creator Aaron Korsh talked about the flashback episode, the introduction of the whipped cream ritual, and what happened between Harvey and Donna behind closed doors. 

The next paragraphs contain spoilers from Tuesday’s episode “The Other Time”. 

On last Tuesday’s episode, we met Harvey’s dad, Gordon Specter (James McCaffrey). Aaron explains that thanks to this we “see where Harvey’s sarcasm and wit comes from, and his world view comes from his dad”. 

The flashback episode went back ten years, in which we took a look at Harvey and Donna’s dynamic at the start of their working relationship. which was not what Korsh had in mind from the beginning: “I think we were writing the season finale of season one and when Rachel asks Donna (about her and Harvey), that came in a rewrite. A lot of times, for me, things emerge over time”. 

Korsh explained more about the Harvey/Donna relationship. 

He said: “I though that Harvey and Donna had an opportunity (to go further) one time. They almost fooled around, maybe they started kissing and one of their cautionary senses got the better of them and they called it off. It was probably Donna because she didn’t want to do this if it wasn’t going to lead to something serious, and she knew it wouldn’t. (…) Donna says to Harvey (at the end of the episode): ‘We will never speak of this again’. She put it out of her mind. It rears its head from time to time, but it all made sense to me and we did it”. 

And this Harvey and Donna moment included an important detail: whipped cream. But when did the idea come to realization?

"In the middle of the rewrite, I was like, “Wait a minute how come we’re not doing the origin of the can opener?” I think we had forgotten. At one point, we had written a lot of innuendo about what the can opener was and the cast interpreted it in such a dirty way at the table read that we thought, “OK if they’re going to interpret it that way the audience is and we didn’t mean for it to be like that.” We decided to come up with the whipped cream as the dirty thing and then come up with a completely different ritual for the can opener. We don’t obviously show what it is but we show how the idea of it happened.”

Something that fans must have noticed by now is that the firm’s name has changed a few times, so The Hollywood Reporter didn’t miss the chance to ask Korsh about how many name changes we will see this season: “We take a shot at ourselves in a future episode when a character points out that our firm has changed names a couple times, so that’s all I can say”. 

Finally, Korsh was asked about what we can expect in the four remaining episodes of the season. 

He said: “We’re going to see the return of at least four old “friends.” They’ll show up in the last half of the first 10 episodes. The Ava Hessington case will be wrapped up. Jessica and Harvey are going to have some ramifications following this episode. The Donna/Stephen relationship is going to move forward in an uncertain manner. Mike and Rachel’s relationship is going to continue to progress and be affected by the happenings of [“The Other Time”]. Mike is going to have a major role to play in the Ava Hessington case”.

There you go!

Don’t miss Suits every Tuesday at 10p.m on USA Network.


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