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PopWrapped | Recaps
Blood & Oil: 01x01, Pilot | Blood & Oil
Media Courtesy of Kurt Iswarienkio/ABC via Getty Images

Here's what happened on the hot premiere of ABC's Blood & Oil...

Billy (Chace Crawford) and his wife Kelly (Rebecca Rittenhouse) are in a wreck, which is a crazy way to start the show.  I hadn't seen a trailer for this show so this moment was a big shock for me.

We go to a flashback of the young couple during their going away party before they leave to get their oil company going. 

The show then comes back to the present day and wreck is bad, but Billy and Kelly are okay. The family invested 37K into their plan and it's all suddenly destroyed. 

Billy doesn't want to wait for the police he says they can go collect the insurance. They catch a ride to Rock Springs; it's quite a

 crazy town. There are a bunch of cowboys listening to "Turn Down For What", which is hysterical. 

The bartender tells them to go to the patchwork hotel, but before they can, t

hey walk into a town brawl. A guy killed a moose, apparently they are a spirit animal, and the woman starting the commotion says he will be cursed. The sheriff shuts it down. This boy is later revealed as baby Briggs (Scott Michael Foster). 

The hotel turns out to be a campground. Kelly and Billy are sweet; they're playful in a young-love way and I'm sure they'll be fun to watch all season. 

They meet a couple, Kess and Ada Eze, who offer to take care of Kelly's injury and share a meal. It's good to make friends in a new town. 

Patchwork is a pay-it-forward kind of place.

Baby (Wick) Briggs is a troublemaker and his father is pissed. The dad, Hap Briggs (Don Johnson), is sending him to work on a rig to learn some work ethic. Hap's wife is a Wick's stepmom and they don't get along.

Kelly is finding somewhere to live while Billy finds a job. It's expensive living for not that great of a place to stay. H

ap greets his wife, Darla (Amber Valletta) at the airport. He has a young wife and it seems like they are trying to hide something already. Darla seems like a Claire Underwood type.

Billy meets baby Briggs on the job. They exchange words on how Wick feels about Hap: he is filled with disdain.

Kelly runs into some locals and gives some sound medical advice at the pharmacy during her day's journey.

Baby Briggs destroys the rig -great job! He gets Billy fired because Billy was giving directions. Hap shows up to yell at baby Briggs and cut him off forever; this family dynamic is crazy. Hap knocked Briggs down and Briggs fought back but Hap is a badass.

Kelly landed a job at the pharmacy where she gave advice and also found them a little trailer to live in.  Billy tells her he got fired and she's not happy. He's confident he can find something else. Kelly suddenly falls ill - could she possibly be pregnant?

Oh my gosh, a barn dance! Hap and Darla are doing a little smooching.  Oh, wow... she's literally Claire Underwood and I don't know how to feel about that. 

Darla has found new land to drill and the Native Americans won't be a problem because they can get to the oil without anyone knowing.

Kelly got hit on and the fool got served. The dummy who hit on her works with Hap.

Briggs is with the bartender/owner. She is super positive about his new poor predicament, which has Briggs fired up. 

Kelly tells Billy about McCutchen Ranch, which is where the oil is. Somehow Billy is going to make a play and I can see the drama lining up. 

Oh, and what do you know - Kelly grabbed a pregnancy test! How good am I?

Billy is approaching the owner to a very important piece of the McCutchen Ranch. Billy jokes it's for a carwash and the old man is willing to sell. Billy buys a tractor or some type of machine to get the money. Billy wheels and deals all through the town. 

It turns out that Kelly is indeed pregnant and Billy is happy. Yay! They're so sweet!

The old man (with the valued land) receives an offer for 150K from the Hap, and the old man now wants 100K by noon the next day. 

Kelly wants to give up on it, but Billy won't back down because they're buried in debt.  Kelly was going to give him a year but now with the baby she's ready to quit; she's going to leave in the morning without him. 

Briggs has a plan of his own; he is going after the same land to get back at his dad and make his own company... or so I thought...

The bartender has the money Billy needs but he has nothing to offer. Kelly shows up with collateral, which is a beautiful necklace, and you can tell it's special to her. 

Billy is racing the clock now that he has the money, and he wrecks another vehicle. Y'all, really?! 

Billy has the land and now Hap wants the plot, but 

Billy knows his stuff. He learned a trick from the old man and now he's got a good chunk of money. 

They give the nice people they met the first night in town a hefty 50K for their restaurant venture. Billy finds them a home with a space for the baby and he gets Kelly's necklace back, to boot.

Hap shows up to take Billy and Kelly somewhere. Baby Briggs has a gun and Hap knows something is up. Hap grabs the keys to the rig but Wick's team was ready for that. Uh oh!  Briggs' guys let the oil out which isn't necessarily bad. Briggs attacks Hap and beats him something good before being ready to shoot.

Instead, Darla shoots and Billy attacks Briggs! 

Hap is in the oil with Briggs and Billy!

And if that isn't enough, the oil is on fire!

We're left with the first episode ending in a cliffhanger!


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