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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x03, Fight Or Flight

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/11/2015 4:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x03, Fight Or Flight | Fight Or Flight
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After agreeing to be interviewed by her real-life boss last week, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl strikes back this week and it’s either "Fight Or Flight". Supergirl is being interviewed by Cat and as her story sounds the same as Superman’s she accidentally reveals he’s her cousin and flies away. Kara is having sticky buns for breakfast and Alex joins her, before James walks in and the latter realizes her sister is into him. She wants her to stop telling people about being Supergirl, when she sees about her interview on the news. Cat is making a big deal out of her Supergirl interview, preparing for a huge party and an expose. A man is watching the same news spot and suits up, before sending a blast to the television. Henshaw is mad that Kara gave an interview and the DEO gets a code grey, so she goes out to help. She saves a trapped bus driver but gets hit by one of Reactron’s blasts. He wants to kill her to hurt Superman, but she manages to ruin his armor after they fight for a while, so he flies away. The DEO won’t help Supergirl deal with Reactron since he’s just human using technology. At the office, Cat isn’t doing well with that story she wants to write, while Winn and James take Kara to her new lair, an office no one wants. James calls Superman Clark and Winn figures it out, but Supergirl won’t ask for his help ‘cause it’ll make her town like an easy win. Maxwell Lord fires an engineer from his company, when Reactron comes in and wants to take a scientist out, but Lord asks to be taken instead and once Supergirl is there, they’re both gone. Kara is working on Cat’s party and wants to deal with Reactron, so Alex comes in to help and they find he survived a radiation crush prevented by Superman and is using the elements to take revenge for his wife’s death. Winn has an idea of how to track him down. Lord suggests that he takes Reactron to his lab for help, but he only wants his armor fixed. Kara reads Cat’s piece and tells her she’s attacking Supergirl for no reason, before James takes her out to tell her Winn located Reactron. She gets there and finds Lord, but the villain attacks and she sends the billionaire away. He doesn’t want to reason with her and seems to be kicking her butt, but before the final hit, Superman jumps in and saves her. Kara wakes up at home and Clark is gone, when they hear Lord telling that Superman rescued him on the news. She’s mad at James for calling her cousin and sends him away. She doesn’t want Superman saving her all the time and Alex helps her gain back some confidence, getting her ready for Cat’s party. She’s late, but Winn saves her from even more trouble with a white lie, so he asks her to dance as a payback. Cat sees Lord and they dance, but he wants scoop on Supergirl that she won’t give.  Henshaw’s eyes turn red and he mouths Alex’s name, so he finds her helping her sister and gets on board. Winn’s dancing with Kara when James comes in and gets things back to good terms. Reactron interrupts looking for Supergirl, who saves Lord and Winn, when James tells the bad guy he’s Superman’s best friend in order to give her some time. Alex tells Kara she needs to take the center of his armor out but cover it with some element first so it won’t explode, and she manages to achieve that. Supergirl thanks Henshaw for the DEO help and tries to make plans with her sister, but she suggests she goes out with James. At his office, she interrupts a chat with his ex-girlfriend Lucy Lane and overhears that they have dinner plans. She’s bitter and it’s showing, but Clark texts to say she’s doing great and the chat helps. While fooling around with Alex, she’s told that Cat deep down respects Supergirl. Then, the sound of a siren sends her on her way. And that’s it for this week! "Fight Or Flight" definitely keeps up the great flow of Supergirl up to this point, so make sure to tune in next week for even more action.


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