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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x04, Livewire

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/18/2015 5:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x04, Livewire | Livewire
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With the bombings-related episode that was supposed to air this week replaced because of the Paris Attacks, Supergirl strikes back with a Thanksgiving episode instead, "Livewire". It all begins with an alien prisoner breaking free at the DEO and Kara dealing with it, while Alex wants her home. The latter is worried about her mother’s disapproval of Supergirl, but she comes in and seems happy about it. Radio producer Leslie Willis is bashing Supergirl on her show, while Kara invites Winn over for Friendsgiving. Cat wants Leslie to leave Supergirl alone and so transfers her to traffic, but the lights go nuts before her exit. Kara grabs dinner and walks into Jimmy, invites him to Friendsgiving, but he’s going away with Lucy. Alex arrives and Kara explains she should tell their mother she’s been protecting her by working with the DEO. Leslie’s reporting traffic when the helicopter goes out of control and spins like crazy, only for Supergirl to save. However, they’re struck by lightning, so Kara and Cat watch Leslie unconscious at the hospital. It’s not until the two leave that she opens her eyes and seems like she’s unlocked some electrifying power. Eliza objects to Supergirl’s actions under Alex’s watch, but the latter doesn’t want to deal with it and gets back to work. A flashback finds Eliza and Jeremiah talking about the girls, while Kara takes Alex on a flight. In the present, Leslie gets out of the hospital and kills a guy that hits on her with electricity, before becoming energy and making her way through anything. Kara’s Thanksgiving dinner is filled with tension, so when she’s called by James and leaves the room, Alex reveals she’s been working for the DEO, to her mother’s disapproval. Kara asks her mother why she’s giving her sister such a hard time, but Cat wants her at work, so she never gets an answer. Another flashback finds Kara and Alex getting caught and confronted by their parents, when Henshaw comes knocking on the door. Kara is at Cat’s office and all of her devices have gone off, when Leslie appears on the screen calling herself Livewire. Cat sends Kara to call security, but Supergirl comes back to fight her, but she’s feeding from her vision, so she just saves her boss once Leslie messes with an elevator she’s in. Henshaw tells Kara it was her DNA that triggered the electricity in Leslie and offers a DEO trap, before she talks with Cat who also feels responsible for what Leslie has become. Eliza apologizes to Alex and says she wanted her daughter to be better than herself, but the latter’s called on board when her mother needs to reveal something. Supergirl responds to Cat’s call and the two agree to work together to catch Leslie and the DEO hands Kara the trap. Cat broadcasts calling Leslie out and she comes, unwilling to reason and out for blood and too charged even for Supergirl to beat. Unable to use the DEO’s weapon, Kara eventually blasts some water on her electricity and puts her down. The next day, she hands Winn some dinner leftovers and he reveals his father’s in prison before making things romantic, but she leaves him once she sees James, who’s back with Lucy. Kara brings some celebrity snaps to Cat, who wants to run an essay on volunteers at soup kitchens instead, and it seems like she wants to get to know Kara better as well. Eliza tells the girls that she was only told her husband died in a plane crush but she never believed them. A final flashback finds Henshaw ready to take Kara, before he offers himself and his research instead. Present day, Eliza reveals their father was working with Henshaw. Livewire is brought to the DEO’s prison and Henshaw congratulates Kara and Alex, surprised they don’t say much, but they’re up to finding out what really happened to Jeremiah. And that’s it for this week folks! "Livewire" came out of order, so we have yet to see how this will be made up for, but it was a great episode indeed. Make sure you tune in on CBS for even more Supergirl.


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