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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x05, How Does She Do It?

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

11/25/2015 9:24 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x05, How Does She Do It? | How Does She Do It
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With last week’s episode switch bringing this one a little late, Supergirl returns to once again save the day in "How Does She Do It?". Supergirl is flying around when she notices a drone following her and smashes it, bringing a piece to the DEO and accusing them of spying on her. Henshaw is not behind it though and Alex says it’s human-made but extremely advanced. When Kara gets to work, Cat’s won an award and won’t attend because her mother won’t babysit her son, so Kara offers and is told he’s kind of shy. James and Lucy are at chatting over meal and she wants him back, but he’s not so keen on the idea. Kara checks in with him and finds out she broke up with him in the first place, but she’s interrupted when there’s a bomb in the game. She manages to save the day, but not without a drone watching her every move. Before Henshaw gives the case to the FBI, Alex finds both the drone and the bombs are using energy from Lord’s company. Alex encourages Kara to stop being in friend zone with James, when Cat calls asking about her son Carter. Kara rushes and picks him up from his school, while the boy turns out to be extremely shy.  Alex and Henshaw pay Lord a visit and even though he says his own lab was attacked, he’s not willing to help and Alex is left behind to look into it. Carter is not easy to entertain, but he definitely has a thing for Supergirl. James is having a hard time running the office and ignores one of Lucy’s calls, when Kara cuts him off. Lord doesn’t think the DEO is using Alex’s full potential and isn’t really a fan of Supergirl. A bomb in a lab interrupts them and he tries to disarm it, but fails. Supergirl comes in and takes it away from the city, lettng it explode into the sky and as she’s hit and falling in the sea. Kara kind of sees Henshaw’s red eyes, but then wakes up for real and sees they’re watching over her and rushes back at the office to babysit Carter. A photo of the bomber, Ethan Knox, is found from Lord’s lab and he turns out to be a fired worker of the company. Kara wants to help, but Alex is worried that she’s taking too much. Winn and Carter are playing video games, when Kara comes in to bring some sense into them along with food.  While at it, she chats with Lucy who asks if James is seeing anyone and thinks he’s attracted to Supergirl, revealing that he put Superman first in their relationship. Alex asks Lord to stop his train launch because of the bombings, but he doesn’t trust the government since his parents died working for it. She apologizes and tries to convince him, with no result. Kara tells James he should try again with Lucy if it’s not over for him yet, before going back to the DEO to help with the train. Lucy tells James goodbye and leaves, but he’s still thinking about her. Winn realizes he’s lost Carter and he’ll be at the train launch to meet Supergirl. There’s a bomb at the airport though and Kara’s after it, but Knox is also on the train, armed with a bomb. James calls Lucy in agony and Carter is on the train, while Winn calls Kara for help. Kara leaves the airport to the DEO and appears in front of Carter, with Lord denying Knox is on the train.  They get the passengers at the back, so she can deal with the bomber at the front. The DEO arrive at the airport and tell James that Kara is busy, so he finds Lucy. Henshaw makes Alex stay back so he can deal with the bomb alone. Kara tries to reason with the bomber, who’s filled with explosives to make sure it goes boom if he’s taken off the train. Henshaw’s red eyes help him open the bomb, while Kara talks to Knox about his sick daughter and he forces her to save everyone before he explodes, so she sends the front car away before the explosion takes place. Kara chats with Alex, when she realizes Carter was on the train. Thankfully, he had fun and she’s up for just a short lecture, before seeing Lucy and James kissing. Kara sees Lord on the news and asks Winn to hack into hospital records. Supergirl pays him a visit to accuse him of paying the hospital for Knox’s daughter and forcing him to do what he did so he can watch her closely. He believes she had a person of her own on the train and will be looking into it. And that’s pretty much it for this week! Supergirl is definitely up for trouble in the coming episodes and has a lot to deal with, so we guess the question remains - "How Does She Do It?".


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