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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x06, Red Faced

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/02/2015 11:18 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x06, Red Faced | Red Faced
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With CBS ordering the full first season of Supergirl today, Kara Zor-El can keep on casually flying over the town, until a well-known, "Red Faced" villain appears. Kara is flying around to relax, when she overhears a couple of guys carelessly driving around some school area. Being all stressed, she half-hurts one of them while preventing an accident, causing the media to doubt her. Lucy plans to have dinner with her father and thanks Kara for inviting her to game night - she hasn’t. James says he told her to go and that he doesn’t get along with her father. Cat is visited by her judgemental mother, who doesn’t really like her daughter’s lifestyle and prefers Superman over Supergirl. Alex walks in to get Winn to help her with looking into the death of her father, which she achieves. The DEO call them as Lucy’s father, General Sam Lane, wants Supergirl to face a humanoid called the Red Tornado and Lucy’s showing off the paperwork. James talks it out with Kara, but she wants to prove she’s a team player. Kara and Cat go over the latter’s schedule to clear her evening for her mother, when she comes in to cancel their plans.  Cat’s pissed and gives Kara more work, mentioning everyone’s noticed she’s hitting on James. At game night, James and Lucy are winning for good, when she mentions she wasn’t stunned by Supergirl earlier. Kara comes to fight the Red Tornado and manages to kick the machine’s ass, but doesn’t stop when she’s told to and it gets some kind of consciousness, flying out to the city, with the General blaming her. The General fires the mechanic. At work, Kara confronts Cat for disrespecting her, and then she wants to take her out. Alex pays Lord a visit with the hand of the Red Tornado’s broken hand, asking for help to find him and proof he’s not a bad guy, but he won’t help. General Lane is giving James a hard time, thinking he’s not good enough for Lucy. Cat takes Kara out for a drink and explains why she can’t get mad at work, encouraging her to find the real reason behind her anger. The Red Tornado appears in front of General Lane, Lucy and James, with the latter calling Supergirl.  She takes Cat out and rushes, putting up quite a great fight, until the foe lets out a tornado and she has to fly backwards to stop it and save the city. Lucy’s treated and General gives Supergirl a hard time for letting Red Tornado go, while it’s revealed he’s designed to kill Kryptonians. Lord calls Alex and wants to talk with her about the Red Tornado over dinner, during which she opens up about her father’s death and he implies it could be the Tornado’s creator making all the fuss. James and Kara decide to punch a sack and a car to let their anger out, but she ends up breaking the damn thing. She says she’s mad about never having the chance to be normal and have what he and Lucy have, when Alex calls her to go to the DEO. Alex says it’s the Tornado’s creator doing it all and wants to drive the machine out so they can get to him. They use the General as bait while Alex goes after the signal and the red faced guy appears. However, it’s just a hologram and Kara fights him, while Alex finds the designer has been mentally controlling it for a while.  The sisters fight both man and machine, with the latter getting the upper hand. Alex shoots the guy just when Tornado has Kara almost killed, but he doesn’t stop there as it’s self-conscious. Supergirl lets her entire anger out on it with her heat vision and blows him away. The General wants to take Lucy with him while leaving, but she picks to stay with James. Alex is finally given information on her father’s death. He went after an alien with Henshaw and both went missing, only the latter came back with no memory of it and has been deleting files ever since. They know he is hiding something, before he’s seen having his eyes all red at the DEO’s base. Cat’s mom is angry that her assistant hasn’t called for a car, so she insults Kara. However, her daughter defends her employee and confronts her mother about envying her success. When she’s gone, she asks for a pill and when a glass is accidentally broken and Kara tries to pick it up, she is shocked by the fact that she cuts herself and bleeds. 

"Red Faced" is definitely one of the best Supergirl episodes so far and makes clear that we’ll be tuning in for more of Kara’s adventures.


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