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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x07, Human For A Day

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/09/2015 5:45 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x07, Human For A Day | Human For A Day
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After successfully facing Red Tornado last week, Supergirl returns for even more action, but what happens now that she’s "Human For A Day"? Kara is being examined as she’s lost her powers and should reabsorb the energy any day now. Henshaw needs Alex and the sisters discuss their suspicions. Kara arrives at work late and sick, letting Winn in and upsetting Cat with her health's condition, being sent away. Henshaw and Alex talk with a mind-controlling alien prisoner Jemm. James walks into Kara and calls her lack of powers solar flare, before an earthquake takes them both down. The DEO loses power and Jemm is out, while James treats Kara’s hurt arm. Kara gets back to work and Alex calls to see how she’s doing, before Cat appears wanting her station back online. The hologram of Kara’s mom gives information on the alien and the DEO agents prepare to go after him with anti-psychic tech. Winn brings the power back at Cat’s and they see Lord on television saying Supergirl has abandoned them when they need her the most, so Cat asks to put together a feed to defend her. The DEO goes after the alien, but two agents are put down with only Henshaw still up. Kara tells Lord he was hard on Supergirl, but he’s not telling everything, as he knows she’s powerless and since she hasn’t gotten her powers back by now, she might never do so. A woman asks for help with her father. Alex and her colleague prepare to go in, before Henshaw returns. However he comes in saying some story about what got the others down, asking Alex to trust him as he handles it. Supergirl is needed to save the girl’s dad from that heart attack, but Kara can’t help. Alex gets her partnet to join her in the field, as she doesn’t trust Henshaw. Cat is upset with Winn for not getting her feed live properly, but he eventually gets it right. Kara feels disappointed despite James’ comfort and “keep trying” attitude, before she sees some burglary that she wants to try to stop. Alex and her partner are after Jemm, when he gets mind-controlled and she runs before he’s made to shoot her. Kara’s trying to stop the burglar with words, while Cat’s giving an inspiring speech about people doing their best for one another and keeping Supergirl’s spirit alive. Kara eventually gets the criminal to hand her his gun. Henshaw finds Alex on the field, before her partner contacts her, all controlled by the alien. She confronts her boss about her father and cuffs him, going after him on her own. Kara talks with James about how good she felt stopping the burglary and they share intimacy, when Winn comes in and misunderstands a hug, while saying he’s found Superman’s DEO file. An explosion causes another shaking and they try to figure out how to help people on higher levels. Alex confronts the alien and he almsot gets her, when Henshaw comes in and somehow puts him down. James is hanging from a rope at his effort to help others and he falls, which gets Kara to fly and save him, making sure to save the rest of the city from trouble as well right after. Alex calls and leaves a message that all is well at the DEO. She wants answers from Henshaw, who says he’s not the real him, but an alien that her father died to save from the actual DEO boss. He promised to protect her and that’s why he put her on the team; he’s the last survivor of Mars, J’Onn J’Onzz. Kara tires to make good with Winn but he’s disappointed in her. Kara appears to Cat as Supergirl and is given a hard time for being absent, but says her broadcast inspired her and others. She then flies around carelessly, before two guys of Astra’s take her down. There’s definitely a lot more to see in Supergirl after "Human For A Day" and we’ll definitely be tuning in next week for it.


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