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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x19, Myriad

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

04/13/2016 5:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x19, Myriad | Myriad
Media Courtesy of CBS

Alright, Karaphiles! It's that time again! The last episode of Supergirl left us hanging from a cliff by our fingertips, with James and the rest of the humans in National City under the control of Non and Myriad. Now, let's dive right in and see how Supergirl deals with this disaster waiting to happen! 

Unfortunately, the DEO was not immune to the effects of Myriad and Lucy and her agents prepare to release all of the Fort Roz prisoners, among whom is a queen named Maxima, who Non calls to serve beside him. Kara shows up and manages to stop the release, knocking out Lucy in the process (in her defense, Lucy was shooting her with kryptonite bullets). 

Kara flies to the Fortress of Solitude to ask Kelex for details on Myriad. Although Kelex won't tell her anything, Alura's hologram shows up to tell her that Myriad is a mind-control tech that forces people into following Astra and Non's will. She tells Kara that once started, Myriad cannot be stopped. 

Meanwhile, Alex is on a bus when law enforcement shows up looking for her and J’onn. Thankfully, J’onn is disguised as a little boy and, pretending to be mother and son, they escape detection. 

Back in National City, Kara goes to CatCo and finds all of her coworkers writing Kryptonian code, including Winn and James. Seeing General Lane on the news, Kara calls him and asks him to keep everyone outside of the city until she can figure out how to stop Myriad. He agrees. 

Cat comes in, normal as ever, and it seems that she's the only human who hasn't fallen under Non's control. Man, this women is my hero (No offense, Supergirl)! Kara (as Supergirl), wonders why Cat isn't a mindless drone but gets a text from Clark, stating that he's on his way to help, which halts her questioning. Before he can land at CatCo, however, Clark falls under the control of Myriad and begins marching with the other humans. All hope seems lost until Maxwell Lord appears, seemingly uncontrolled, and offering to help. 

Apparently, Max developed a earpiece which blocks Non's neural signals. As it turns out, he sent Cat earrings with the same tech, which is why she's free, too. Kara is furious that he didn't give his tech to the DEO but he says he didn't trust anyone there after J’onn and Alex left. Max hypothesizes that Clark was effected by Myriad because he was raised human. Kara tells him that he needs to reprogram his satellites to take down Myriad from the inside but Max has another plan: Kill them all. 

Elsewhere, Non and Indigo revel in their control over National City. Indigo tells him that they still need to worry about Supergirl. She says that they need to kill Kara today or they'll have to continue to fight her tomorrow. 

Alex and J’onn seek refuge at Eliza's house. She tells them about what's happening in National City and their eager to help.

Back at CatCo, Kara is against killing anyone. Non shows up and Kara prepares to fight. Non tells her that all he wants, and what Astra wanted, is to save Earth from falling to the same fate as Krypton. Kara tells him that if he really wants to save Earth, he'll help them. Non uses Winn and James to tell Kara that Myriad is inevitable, then he makes them, along with another woman, jump from the top floor. Unfortunately, Kara is only able to save her friends, leaving the other woman to die. Non tells Kara not to mess with his plans. 

Eliza asks J’onn about Jeremiah's last moments and J’onn tells her about the promise he made to protect the girls. She then asks him all about his life as a Martian. Alex calls Kara and asks how they can help but Kara tells her not to come. She says that she has help from Cat and Max but Alex tells her that they can't trust him. J’onn decides to go back to help, telling Alex to stay with Eliza. 

Max asks Kara if she's ready to do what needs to be done, i.e. killing Non and his cronies. He tells her that he has a Kryptonite bomb that can stop Kryptonians, thus stopping Myriad. One catch, not only will the bomb result in the death of over 300,000 people but it will prevent Supergirl from returning to National City for nearly 50 years. Cat is fully against this plan but Kara waivers, stating that they can use the bomb as a threat. Alex says that every second they don't act, they risk the end of the world and asks Kara if she's with the plan. 

Max speaks to General Lane, who gives him the go ahead to complete his plan. Kara asks Max how he became this way, and he tells her about his parents and how he warned them that about their faulty hazmat suits which resulted in their death. He says that from that day on, he stopped waiting for permission to help, stating that they're more alike than he thinks. Kara says she hopes not. 

Indigo asks Non if Kara is dead but he says that he'd rather her feel the agony of losing everyone she loves. Non tells Indigo about his plans to take over the planet, one city at a time. Indigo tells Non that he's thinking too small. She things he should seek to rule the universe and not just the world. 

Back at Eliza's, Alex refuses to be left behind. She says that she's not watching another member of her family die. She tells J’onn to use his telepathy to guard her mind from Myriad and he agrees to let her go. Alex attempts to tell her mother about Jeremiah being alive but J’onn stops her before she can. 

On the balcony at CatCo, Cat calls Kara out for going along with Max's horrible plan. Kara says that she's out of options, that she can't let Earth be destroyed like Krypton. Cat tells Kara that they've all been letting their fear guide them, when they should be relying on  their faith and hope. She says that Supergirl changed her and that, if she could do that, she can change everyone else, just by being Supergirl. They hug and Kara gets an idea. 

Meanwhile, J’onn and Alex land in National City and Indigo senses their arrival. Of course, she shows up, knocking out Alex and looking for a fight with J’onn. Thankfully, J’onn is a badass and handles her pretty easily... or so it seems. She stabs J’onn and uses Alex as a pawn to keep him from harming her. Alex tells J’onn to go help Kara but he falls to the ground, seemingly dead before he can go. Now lacking his mental protection, Alex falls under Myriad's control. 

Cat and Kara tell Max about Supergirl's plan: to use hope to stop the effects of Myriad. Max still wants to use the bomb but Kara tells him that using it won't be a real win. She tells him to honor his parents and not let his fear drive his decisions. He decides to listen. 

Elsewhere, Non and Indigo hold Alex captive. Non tells Alex about his plan to kill her because she murdered Astra. Alex says that Astra wouldn't want this and encourages Non to abandon his plans. Indigo interrupts and tells him that she has a way to hurt both Alex and Supergirl. 

Cat takes Max and Supergirl to a newsroom. She plans to use it to broadcast a message that will inspire the public, even under the influence of Myriad, by piggybacking on Myriad's satellites. Before they can enact their plan, however, a noise outside brings Kara out where she finds Alex, under the influence of Non, ready to fight. Kara refuses to fight but Non tells her that its kill or be killed. Armed with a Kryptonite sword, Alex/Non prepares to kill Kara. The two lunge at each other and we're left begging to know how this Danvers v. Danvers fight will turn out. 

This episode was chock full of emotion as our hero questioned her own humanity. Cat reminded me exactly why I love her so much as a badass, feminist icon when she convinced Kara to do the right thing! Even Maxwell's show of humanity was surprising. Now I'm just anxious to see how it all ends in next week's season finale! 

So, what did you think? Any predictions on how everything will turn out in the final battle between Non and Kara? Tell us in the comments! 


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