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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 02x03, Welcome To Earth

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/28/2016 3:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 02x03, Welcome To Earth | Earth
Media Courtesy of SuperHeroHype

It’s that time again, Karaphiles! Get excited for another glorious episode of Supergirl! Last week, we saw Kara caught between two families and two worlds. Thankfully, all the drama was resolved (happy), and Clark made his way back to Metropolis (sad). Things got a little intense, however, when the comatose Kryptonian woke up (and not gently, at that). Now, what do you say we meet this gentleman?

Recap: "Welcome to Earth"

We pick up right where we left off, with our mystery man choking Kara. While she’s incapacitated, the man manages to escape the DEO, despite seriously hardcore efforts to stop him. While the DEO searches for him, Kara fangirls over the impending presidential visit. The president plans to announce her alien amnesty act in National City, where Supergirl is to greet her. Cue the girly Kara giggles. Though Kara is fully onboard with the president’s plan (naturally), Alex and Hank are a bit more apprehensive.

At CatCo, James runs his first pitch meeting ... which is quickly derailed by the douche known as Snapper. Snapper continuously undermines James’ new authority, twisting their pro-alien coverage into something a bit less friendly. He also refuses to let Kara interview the president, instead giving her an interview with Lena Lance.

Supergirl flies off to meet the president (and is naturally still nervous). Things seem to be going well until an unknown alien begins launching fireballs at the presidential staff -- a clear attack on the POTUS, herself. Kara manages to save the president before she’s incinerated, but the alien gets away.

At the crime scene, Kara continues fangirling while Alex searches for evidence. Prime suspect for the attack is coma man. While on the scene, Alex gets into a disagreement with a NCPD detective named Maggie Sawyer, who seems very interested in alien science. Posing as Secret Service, Alex kicks her off the tarmac (although it’s clear that she’ll be back).

Meanwhile, the president visits the DEO. Naturally, she and Hank disagree about her plans. (He likes disagreeing with people, it seems.) Hank warns her that evil aliens will take advantage of her kindness, but she wants to give them the benefit of the doubt. After fawning a little more, Kara heads off to interview Lena. While there, Lena shows Kara a prototype of an alien detection device that will warn humans when someone is ... well, not. Kara, of course, is against this device, but Lena tells her that people deserve the right to know who is one of them and who is not.

At the DEO, Winn tracks the missing Kryptonian to the arts district, and Alex takes a team to search for him. Unfortunately, by the time they get there, he’s gone, but they do find Maggie, who deduces that Alex is DEO. Meanwhile, our rogue Kryptonian “persuades” a man to help him go home.

Elsewhere, Kara is pissed at Alex for going in without her and Sawyer offers her help with the case. Back at CatCo, Kara gets blasted by Snapper for her article, which was way too opinionated. He tells her to rewrite it, taking the emotion out all together. She and James bond over their shared hatred for Snapper. Kara tells James to stop trying to be Cat and just be the leader that he wants to be.

Alex meets up with Maggie, who takes her to an underground alien bar. For the first time, Alex sees aliens that aren’t one of two extremes -- evil or heroic. They’re just existing and trying not to feel alone. She also meets Maggie’s ex-girlfriend, and my shipping of Alex and Maggie is officially born. I mean, that tension though... Maggie questions some of the bar patrons, and they learn that he’s been trying to send a signal to his home planet. As Alex leaves, she bumps into a female alien who seems to have a thing for heat. (I bet you five Hamiltons that she’ll be important later.)

Back at the DEO, Kara has trouble rewriting her story while Winn tracks the rogue’s signal to an observatory, where he’s trying to contact a planet called Daxam, which means trouble according to Kara. At the observatory, after a little fighting, Kara manages to bring the Daxamite in.

Hank explains that Daxam is a sister-world to Krypton, and Kara adds that the two worlds hate each other. Something about a war that they each think the other started, cue centuries of bloody infighting and hatred. Kara asks the (beautiful) Daxamite why he tried to kill the president, but he denies it -- with quite a bit of wit, I might add. He says that he contacted his planet because he’s in distress, and (given that he’s been comatose since before Kara landed) he has no idea what a president even is. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time buying that homeboy is evil. Also, is anyone else seeing the irony of Kara judging him while advocating that not all aliens are bad? Meanwhile, Hank questions why Kara didn’t tell him what happened to Daxam.

Kara visits Lena and tells her that she understands why she created the device. There are bad aliens in the world. Lena tells her that some people are just bad, and all you can do is learn to protect yourself.

Later, the president holds a press conference to announce her alien amnesty plan. Alex, Kara, and Maggie watch to make sure nothing goes wrong. So, of course, everything goes wrong. The female fire foreigner from the bar shows up and continues her attack. (Okay, pay up for the bet and that badass alliteration.) In the chaos, Maggie gets kidnapped.

Kara blames herself and her prejudices for not catching the real assassin. Alex visits the alien bar and shakes people down until the bartender tells her where the attacker hangs out. At the foundry, the attacker says that she doesn’t buy the president’s amnesty plan. Kara shows up and calls her out on her cynicism. They fight, and, in the end, she and Alex manage to free Maggie and stop the raging hothead (with Maggie coming in for the final blow. Seriously, I love her!).

At CatCo, James finally calls Snapper on his insubordination. They spark a tentative agreement of mutual respect. At the DEO, Alex thanks Maggie for helping her see that not all aliens are evil, and a potential partnership seems to be forming. Meanwhile, Kara apologizes to the Daxamite, also known as Mon-El, for judging him and, you know, calling him a murderer. She also finally tells him about the destruction of Daxam.

Finally, the president says her goodbyes and also reveals her own alien status. We end with J’onn visiting the alien bar, where he’s more than surprised to learn that the helpful bartender from earlier is actually the Last Daughter of Mars.

Final Thoughts on "Welcome To Earth"

This episode was actually pretty killer! I’ll keep this short and sweet and just say that I’m incredibly excited for things to come. From the new partnership between Alex and Maggie to the introduction of Mon-El (and all his witty wonder) to the crazy revelation that J’onn isn’t the last Martian after all -- the rest of this season is shaping up to be some kind of wonderful!

Is anybody else pumped? Until next week, Karaphiles! Stay super and tweet us your responses to this week’s episode!


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