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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supergirl: 01x08, Hostile Takeover

Lazaros Balakos | PopWrapped Author

Lazaros Balakos

12/16/2015 12:09 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x08, Hostile Takeover | Hostile Takeover
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After ending up caught by Astra and her guards, Supergirl comes back with the eighth episode of its first season to face a "Hostile Takeover" this week. Astra tries to get Kara on her side, having the krypto-knife and devices to defend herself from it, but Supergirl manages to get away. At the DEO, they send Kara home to let them handle it, with Alex saying they can trust Henshaw. A bunch of Cat’s emails have been leaked and she gets Kara to look into them and arrange a board meeting, as her lawyers advise her against suing. She goes through the emails with James and Winn, as things between them are awkward. Non confronts Astra for not killing Supergirl and accuses her of feeling sympathy for her, while Alex is training Kara and confronts her about holding back. The latter then remembers when she last meant her aunt to say goodbye, before their meeting was interrupted by Alura.  Cat is advised to step down by the board, so she tells Kara to keep looking and she overhears a board member, Armstrong, saying he set Cat up. James asks Lucy for legal advice regarding Cat’s issue and she says they need proof. Astra appears alone outside CatCo and Supergirl gets into a fight with her, being told that her mother was a weak liar. Eventually, she puts her aunt down and drags her to the DEO. Winn gets James to leave a bug on Armstrong’s computer, but the latter is caught in action and successfully pretends he was there to express his support in case of Cat’s fall. Astra tells Kara that Alura betrayed her and suggests that their last meeting was her idea. A flashback shows Alura getting Astra caught for wanting to move forward with her plan, which gets her to say that Earth is dying and she wants to stop it.  Kara confronts her mother’s hologram, believing she lied to her and sentenced both Astra and her for life. James and Winn discover Cat is giving money to some Adam Foster, thinking he’s a secret boyfriend. Kara tells Cat who says it’s her son; she quit fighting for custody because of her job and now decides to leave CatCo to protect him. However, Lucy comes in with James and Winn, holding a document that shows Armstrong’s guilty. Cat meets him and he doesn’t take it seriously since it’s the result of a hack, but she says it was all done from and for CatCo, so it’s her property, and gets him dragged out. James apologizes to Winn for not realising he was into Kara and encourages him to try.  Alex and Henshaw come to realize that Astra wanted to lose the fight with Supergirl and get caught, so they confront her, but she says it’s too late to stop her plan, as a bunch of Kryptonians arrive at Lord Technologies. Kara joins Cat at the balcony and it turns out her boss has done the math and realized she’s Supergirl, thanking her for all the help and letting her go once her phone rings. Alex tells her about the incident and Lord tries to defend his property with a Kryptonite weapon, with the DEO joining the fight. At some point, Henshaw is forced to let out his alien side to beat on of them, while Non seems to be having the upper hand, going after Alex. Kara comes in to save her and take over the battle, with the two aggressively flying towards each other. And that’s it for this week! There’s no denying that "Hostile Takeover" was one hell of a winter finale and finally creates some more action-related hype around Supergirl. We’ll definitely be coming back for more!


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