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Supergirl: 01x09, Blood Bonds

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/08/2016 11:24 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supergirl: 01x09, Blood Bonds | Blood Bonds
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Tonight on Supergirl, "Blood Bonds"…

They jumped right into the action from the last episode with Supergirl fighting for her life against Astra’s husband.  When the fight ends, Alex and Supergirl (Kara) go back inside and Max doesn’t want to work with them anymore.  Hank was captured, which puts Alex in charge, and she’s ready to do anything to find him! Kara goes to Astra to speak about where her husband would have taken Hank.  She’s not very helpful.  Kara tries to reach to her emotions, but she can’t because she’s afraid that what Astra said about her mother might be true.

One year ago the sisters spoke of blood bonds and how they blind people.  Do you think Kara’s mom was really trying to rid the world of their kind?

Back in real time, Max is covering the attack and the journalists are ready to check things out.  The boss arrives and Kara tells them to add normal because Cat thinks Kara is Supergirl.  Someone is both smart and savvy.

Side note: the guy who plays Maxwell is the same actor who played Carlisle in Twilight, Peter Facinelli.  He looked so familiar.  

And we’re back on track.

Kara confronts Cat about the “Supergirl” allegations and she’s not very convincing.  After the meeting, Kara heads to Alex with her favorite food from Chicago and they get a message from the bad guy.  Astra’s husband wants a trade.  Makes sense.

Alex is torn about her choice because one decision kills Hank and the other frees a criminal.  Also, Alex just lost her temporary lead and the army has it now.  Max catches James checking out the attack site and he confronts him.  Max has a lot of choice words on the journalist profession.  Exactly what a thousand-year-old vampire would say, wrong character haha! Kara heads back to work and Cat wants to spend time with her.  She’s done a full journalist work up on Kara.  Test time!  Kara passed with flying colors but actually proved to Cat that she is Supergirl.  She was too well rehearsed, according to Cat.  No time for that, though, because Alex needs her.

The aliens can’t read Hank’s mind.  Uh oh!  Does he have powers? Back in the government hub, the General interrogates Astra.  He tells a story of his youth, how sweet.  They are about to use Kryptonite on her.  She fights but just before he injects her, Kara shows up.  Kara can’t stop it.  Astra will be tortured for her husband’s location.

Kara feels defeated and James lies about Max, but he reveals when she leaves that he is planning an attack on her kind.  Uh oh! Cat pulls her into the office to tell her about more of her research.  Cat thinks she should quit her job because people die while she’s faking work.  Cat wants her to prove she’s not Supergirl or clean out her desk.  James and Winn do a little investigating of Max’s place.  Max has something very top secret and he shows up to capture Max.

Alex is going to try and save Hank and Kara will be joining.  The General isn’t happy about Supergirl joining the game.  Alex defends her and says that she called her in.  Will they find Hank? Yes! But, what’s the catch?

There’s a bomb!  Did everyone make it?  Was James there or was he a hologram?  That scene was confusing, but Astra lied.

Max has Jimmy (James) locked up.  Time for an interrogation.  Max is a really bad guy.  He’s also very handsome--that is another quick side note.  The moment ends with a threat.

Kara goes to Cat the next morning and makes a plea about the Supergirl situation., confiding in Cat about how much she needs her.

Kara quits because she can’t prove she isn’t Supergirl.  Where will she go?  Kara finds James and she knows Max hurt him.  She’s gonna kill him.  Now she knows her friends lied to her.  Kara is having a very rough day.  She wants blood, and her friends tell her she has to be better.

Kara puts on her suit and heads back to Astra.  She is ready to hear Astra’s side of the story.  They flashback to a memory of Astra and her sister.  Kara’s mom believed what Astra said but they couldn’t do it her way.  Why does everyone pronounce Kara’s name so differently?  Kara is going to break Astra out to make the trade!

Alex helps her!  They are going to fight the General to bring Hank home.  Kara won because she saved one of the soldiers.  Great work, Kara!  And they’re off to make the trade!  Will the trade go off without a hitch?

They are surrounded by bad guys!  Hank has to unveil his secret...but wait! Astra stops them.  Good work, crazy aunt!  

They go back to HQ and kick the General out.  Good work, team!

Hank is an alien from Mars.  Holy cow!  Kara goes to Cat as Supergirl.  Oh, she's acting as both and it's awesome!  It was Hank! 

Catch up with us next week!  We’re glad the winter break is over!


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