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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural: 10x11 There's No Place Like Home

Susan Booth | PopWrapped Author

Susan Booth

03/11/2015 6:35 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural: 10x11 There's No Place Like Home | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of IGN
Hi there! It’s Susan, your Supernatural recapper! This episode focused quite a bit on Charlie who is a great example of the strong female guest star who fits into the show but takes the show to the next level and then some. There’s nothing better than two Charlies! Tonight brought Charlie’s return, so here’s what happened on Supernatural! Last time that we saw Charlie, she went off into Oz looking for an adventure with Dorothy. Now, she’s dressed in black, with a new hairdo and she’s beating the crap out of some random guy; she says, “Who doesn’t love a little torture?” That’s easy, the one being tormented of course! Back at the boys’ bunker, Dean has put himself on some kind of 12-step program until they can get that damn mark off his arm for good. Dean is sleeping 8 hours a night, not drinking and eating right. WTF is wrong with this picture?! This is NOT the Dean I know and love! Come on, Dean doesn’t eat egg whites! I’m at a complete loss for words! It looks like this situation is temporary; for the fans’ sake I hope so! After enjoying a green smoothie and doing some research, Sam finds something. But it’s not Cain, and it’s not Crowley. It’s a video of Charlie beating up said guy in robe. Yes, the very Charlie who wouldn’t hurt a fly. What in the hell happened to the Charlie we know and love? What did Peter Harper do to Charlie? After having a chat with Peter, the boys find out that Charlie is looking into the drunk driving incident that killed her parents, the Middletons. Following Celeste—Charlie’s real name—the Winchesters end up at some court stenographer’s house, where their stakeout leads to Dean asking “Where is Kale?” When they hear a scream come from inside the house, Sam and Dean rush in to come face-to-face with Charlie. As she puts it, she says, “Should’ve known Rocket and Groot would track me. No Moose and Squirrel?” Charlie takes Dean down with a little leg chokehold, and Sam finds out that she’d been asking about some bank statements. The real kick in the ass? She sliced Baby’s tire on her way out. And the other kick in the ass? The other Charlie just pulled up in her cute yellow car! This one says the famous line, “What’s up, bitches?” I’m thinking she’s the real deal! So here’s what went down: There are two Charlies. During the war for Emerald City in Oz, they were about to lose when Charlie made a deal with the Wizard. She had to unleash her true darkness. And using the key to Oz to open the door to Charlie’s soul, the Wizard let her darkness out. Now, Good Charlie and Bad Charlie are still connected physically—you hurt one, you hurt them both—but that’s where their connection ends. Apparently the bad Charlie won the war in Oz. But by doing this, she lost Good Charlie because of the things she’d done. Now, Bad Charlie is trying to win Good Charlie back by finding the drunk driver who killed their parents. Confused? Good, so am I. It doesn’t take long for the Good Charlie to talk Sam through hacking the bank accounts—she can’t do it herself because it’s “bad”—and from that point they split in two: Sam and Charlie will look for a way back to Oz considering Bad Charlie broke their key, and Dean will go wait for Bad Charlie to show up at Russell Wellington’s office. Spoiler: Russell Wellington is the drunk driver who made the case go away after he killed Charlie’s parents. But with Dean eating like Sam has been known to and just generally not feeling at all like himself, things don’t go as they had planned. it’s easy to see that Dean has a soft spot for Charlie, don’t we all? when Bad Charlie tears up and promises she’s not going to hurt Russell, he actually believes her. Then she kills Russell. Anyone double check to make sure there weren’t any cameras nearby? Thank God Sam and Charlie are having more luck. They find the Man of Letters who originally discovered the key to Oz. It turns out that he’s still alive, so they’re going to his house to hopefully get some answers while Dean drowns his sorrows at a local bar. Or more to the point, he thinks about drowning his sorrows until Bad Charlie shows up and tells him, ”You lied to yourself. It’s kind of your move”—before stealing Baby! if he wasn’t mad before, Dean’s pissed off now! As he puts it, “Dick Charlie just hot-wired Baby.” While Dean tries to find a way to beat Dark Charlie, Sam and the Good Charlie are busy picking the brain of the Man of Letters. As it turns out, the same thing that happened to Charlie once happened to him, only his dark side is still in Oz, as the Wizard! And now, their only hope is to summon the Wizard by mortally wounding his good side. And it just happens to work! As everything comes together, Dean arrives at the house in a minivan—which is has got to be the second oddest thing I have seen him do in this episode and I don’t like it one bit. It’s right up there with Dean eating kale, just in time to stop Dark Charlie. And very quickly, it turns into one hell of a throwdown between Dark Charlie and Dark Dean. With each of his punches, he is also hurting Good Charlie. Inside, the Wizard starts to choke out Sam too when Good Charlie rises above her aversion to bad things and shoots the Wizard’s better half in the face, putting an end to both of them. Sam then steals the Wizard’s key and uses it to put Charlie back together again. Meanwhile, Dean beats himself up for the harm he’s done to Charlie. Back at the bunker, after a few days of rest, Charlie reemerges with a new adventure in mind: helping the Boys get rid of the Mark of Cain. First things first, She’s off to Tuscany to locate the Book of the Damned in a library. For the moment, she promises not to let what happened to her happen to Dean. They’re going to find a way to stop his dark side. She forgives him, even though he refuses to forgive himself. Charlie says, “I know. It’s kind of your move. How’s that working out for you, huh?” Yep, she knows the boys a little too well. Dean apologizes again, to which Charlie says, “Prove it.” With an “Arrivederci, bitches” later, and she’s out. Left all by themselves, Sam reassures Dean that they can do this. Now, they’ve got work to do. The hour ended with Dean’s uber-sad face as he looks at the very hand that beat the hell out of poor Charlie. That concludes this recap of Supernatural! Do as Dean does and stay classy! Tune in next week when Dean turns 14 again!

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