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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 10x23 Brother's Keeper

Susan Booth | PopWrapped Author

Susan Booth

06/05/2015 3:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 10x23 Brother's Keeper | Supernatural
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

10 years have gone by since Sam & Dean Winchester rolled into our lives in Dean's 1967 Chevy Impala. What a long, strange trip it's been. Supernatural has never been a normal show, and it has once again proven that it is indeed a phoenix rising from the ashes: Our beloved series has been named the longest, consecutively running sci-fi show in U.S History!

In my entire history of watching television, I have never found a show that has kept me this interested and this invested for 10 years! I would like to take a moment to thank the entire cast and crew (past and present) that have put their blood, sweat and tears into this show, as well as the amazing causes they fight for. You all are some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with, and I will #alwayskeepfighting until the very end. On that note, let's talk about the season 10 finale of Supernatural!

We open with Carry On My Wayward Son, showing us everything we've seen so far, and then it begins! Sam is clearly preparing for battle to save his brother.  Sam is willing to face the consequences of his actions, as we cut to Dean passed out on a motel room floor, putting him right back to the state he was in the beginning of the season. Dean goes to the crime scene of a dead girl, whom he proceeds to bad mouth. Rody shows up, and Dean tries to send him packing, when we find out another girl is missing. Sam and Cas show up at Rowena's where Sam threatens to shoot her, when Rowena tells them they can't do the spell without her. Rowena says she will do the spell with new terms, as we cut to Dean interviewing the parents of the dead girl. The parents grieve as Dean suggests that she was a girl gone bad.  Dean threatens the dad and leaves as the brother follows him outside and he gives Dean some insight as to where the boy took the girls.

We go back to Rowena, who appears to be reading the book. Sam and Cas needs "Something made by God and forbidden to man," or the apple from the bible ("poison fruit), something made my man but forbidden by God, or the golden calf. Then you throw in the heart of something she loves that she has to kill.  Looks like she's going to have to find the heart of some polish boy she once loved. Rody calls Sam and offers to help, while Cas does whatever it takes to get the items for the spell. Dean kills a vamp as Rody is held hostage. Dean taunts the guy and he kills Rody.  Somewhere in all of this, Sam managed to get Dean's hair.  In a gut wrenching moment, Sam goes to Dean's trashed motel room  and finds a note on Baby saying "She's all yours."  Cas goes to Crowley, who bitches about Sam trying to kill him, as Cas asks for his help.   Dean is now off to summon death, so death can kill him. Sadly, Death informs Dean that killing him is impossible because of the Mark.

Turns out, the Mark Of Cain is a lock and key created by God to keep the door shut.  Death will only remove it on the condition that Dean agrees to share the Mark with someone new so the seal remains unbroken. Death also proposes to send Dean out of this earth to save him from hurting himself or others.  Dean then calls Sam to say "Brother, I'm done. Grab a pen, it's time to say goodbye." Oh shit...

Crowley heads back to the diner from last week's episode. Looks like waiter boy is the answer to it all.  When Rowena was a girl, she was taken in by a Polish family with a very ill boy. She cured the boy, casting a spell to make him immortal until he was full grown. Hi, Oscar! Rowena figures out that Crowley knows everything and she's actually surprised by Crowley's never ending need to be a dick.  Shockingly, Rowena ganks Oscar for the sake of the spell.  With Dean driving a Ford Fusion, and Sam asking him what exactly The Darkness is, you can tell this isn't going anywhere good. Death may not be able to get Dean out of this, but that doesn't stop him from giving up his brother to make the deal! WTF, Dean?! The only way death can help Dean, is for Dean to kill Sam.  If Dean gets rid of the Mark, the darkness comes and everybody is screwed. Dean tries to convince Sam that they are just as evil as they things they hunt. Sam's not biting, telling Dean he's a good man for trying to find a way out. Dean ignores him and Sam starts throwing punches.  Due to the Mark Of Cain, Dean comes out on top. Sam, still unwilling to give up on Dean, tells Death to kill him.

One upsetting moment after another in this episode! In a part of the finale that had me grabbing a pillow for fear of screaming, Dean takes Death's scythe in his hands as he tells Sam, "Sammy, close your eyes." A part of me died in that instant. Before Sam closes his eyes, he gives Dean the family photos of them and proceeds to tell him that when he finds his way back someday, the photos will be his guide, and to remind him what it was to be good and to love.  Dean takes the scythe and, instead of taking out Sam, he ganks Death!

Wait a minute, I thought you couldn't kill death?! I'm confused.  Dean says "I think I just killed Death." UMM,< YEAH YOU DID! And of course, the Mark appears to be gone! But, there's an even bigger issue here folks! After Rowena completes the spell, and uses her newfound power to give Cas red eyes and sick him on Crowley who is completely unable to move;  she also, like the many evils before her, opens the door to the darkness. The darkness looks like a big cloud of demon smoke,  as Dean backs Baby into a hole, our beloved boys are covered by the darkness.

Now, we've got the biggest bad we've ever seen heading our way, but we're still stuck with Rowena with more power than she has ever had before, with the codex in tow. Then, of course, we are left to wonder if Crowley ACTUALLY survived Cas stabbing him with the angel blade. THIS IS WHY I KEEP COMING BACK! This episode was sad, and it took us to some pretty dark places we never thought we'd go to, but it was another successful triumph by the cast and crew of Supernatural! I know that the season ending leaves us fans with a lot to ponder and contemplate until the show returns, but this was a fantastic way to end the 10th season ! I, like most of you will be counting the days until season 11. For now, I will enjoy a nice break. What a way to leave it! Have a good summer everyone, and don't forget to do as the Winchester's do and stay classy!

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