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Supernatural: 11×22, We Happy Few

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

10/31/2016 1:17 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 11×22, We Happy Few | We Happy Few
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

Season 11 is almost over and we kick the season’s penultimate episode kicks off in the bunker with Lucifer nonchalantly asking Chuck where he’s been. And getting pretty pissy with the non answer: “I know I missed a few million birthdays…” To which Lucifer responds, “Go Amara! Team Amara!”

Father and son (Chuck and Lucifer) have reunited, but are not feeling so good about it. Lucifer was not quick to forgive his father and flat-out refused to help team “Defeat Amara” without an apology from dad (Chuck). Unfortunately, this happens to be the one thing Chuck was not willing to give. The pair fight until Lucifer shuts himself in his room with music blasting. “Screw all of you!” he says.

“The worst episode of Full House EVER” says Dean.

Chuck admits that he can’t apologize for something he doesn’t actually feel bad for. The brothers decide it’s up to them to do their best Dr. Paul and reunite the broken family. Chuck then explains that Lucifer had become a risk to humanity, but it wasn’t the Mark that turned Lucifer into what he became. The Mark only brought out the evil that was already inside of him. After some back and forth (“You sucked at being a dad!), Chuck banishes the peanut gallery so he and Lucifer can say their piece. Chuck eventually admits that Lucifer was his favorite and that he was, in fact, sorry for the way things went between them. The next step is figuring how to defeat Amara.

Chuck explains to the boys that they can’t simply destroy Amara, she is the darkness and the world needs to remain balanced with both the light and the dark in it. So they are going to need to put Amara back in her box, even if there was a way to kill her, as Lucifer points out when explaining that Dean had had the chance to take her down but didn’t really want to do it. “Well THAT got weird” says Lucifer.

The team realizes that they are going to need help to cage Amara. To enlist the help they need, the only available, they’re going to have to play the “God card.” Dean goes to Crowley, who has had his own issues regaining power with the Demons with the whole lap dog thing and, you know, the end of hell and all. Cas hits up the angels. Yes, Lucifer lets Cas take the lead! Welcome back Castiel! Meanwhile Sam finds Rowena who has been working on a spell to take her back in time to escape the end of the world with Clea, another witch friend. When Clea hears that God is back in the game, she wants to help.

Meanwhile Amara has figured out where Chuck is by stealing the information from Donatello's soul.

The team puts the simple plan in place. Rowena’s witches, Crowley’s demons and Cas’s angels planning to disorient her then Lucifer and Chuck will take her down. Only Rowena voices concerns that the plan might not quite be strategic enough. By the time she’s proven right it's already too late. Amara destroys the witches, is weakened by the Demons and Angels, then makes her way to confront Chuck. Before she can Lucifer stabs her with the first blade. But before finishing her off Chuck tries to apologize and reason with his sister. When she realizes Chuck isn’t going to kill her, but lock her back up,  she fights back. She kills Lucifer and leaves a mortally wounded Chuck to die slow death, so that he can watch his creation perish before he does.

And with that, the end begins.


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