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Supernatural Recap: "Freaks & Geeks"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/29/2013 7:30 am
Supernatural Recap:

Susan Booth

Staff Writer


We start off with some kids getting hot and heavy in a car, and the stupid boy runs off leaving the girl all alone. Turns out the girl happens to be Krissy from the episode “Adventures in babysitting” and it looks like her and her friends have become hunters, WTH?! Sam & Dean are on the case as it seems that vampires are ripping out people’s throats again. The boys investigate the lady killers case, but it’s taken a turn when it appears that the new hunters in town are on candid camera! Dean tells the police to take off the APB, what a nice guy! 

It looks like the apple dumpling gang has taken over for Sam & Dean, but I don’t think this is something they would be too thrilled about. Sam & Dean find Kissy and attempt to save her bacon. These new hunters are actually pretty good. Dean explains that she is too young to be hunting and that she shouldn’t be doing this. Victor has created a school for hunters, X-Men style! The boys enter the kids compound, and it’s damn impressive.This guy Victor is more like a parent, making sure these kid hunters go to school and do their chores like normal kids having a family and then they hunt. I ask, what the fuck is wrong with this asshole! He insulted Garth and Bobby! I should gank him myself just for saying those awful things! Then, creepy guy in the van shows up, but we don’t know who he is!

Victor gives Sam a long lecture about family. The family, along with the Winchesters make a plan to go after the vampire that killed Kissy’s dad. Dean tracks down the hooded mystery guy to a lodge in the middle of nowhere. And sure enough, we find our vampire. The vampires that are being killed are newly made ones, and Victor is behind the whole plan. Victor has been setting them all up and taking out the families of the kids and now he plans to take out the Winchesters. Then Victor loses the kids forever and he kills himself. The vampire girl turns to normal again, as Sam & Dean go on their way to close the gates of hell forever. Until next week, stay classy!

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