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Supernatural Recap: "The Escapist"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/03/2013 6:03 am
Supernatural Recap:

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

This episode is all about the stories, if you don’t pay enough attention, you’ll miss some very key points and then you’ll have to re-watch it over and over again like I did. It seems that the scribe of God is beyond fond of reading stories, his house is filled with HUGE ass stacks of every book you could possibly think of!

This episode starts out on a good note for our boys as they are reunited with Kevin and Castiel. (After a shit ton of torturing, compliments of Crowley.) We are not only able to get some more details about what exactly is happening to Sammy. Plus what the third and final trial happens to be.

We’ve all seen the serious beatings that these boys take every week, but you never really seem them knocking on Death’s door as bad as Sammy is right now. One thing to always keep in mind when it comes to Supernatural, is that for every good thing that happens, two VERY BAD things tend to be following right behind.

Sam is more than just down on his luck. He is suffering so bad that there aren’t enough words to describe what he’s going through. What we do know is that the trials are changing him, which seems to be killing him at the same time. Kevin has an automated video message that is sent if he doesn’t check in once a week then he possibly is dead! Don’t worry, lucky for him, and us, he is alive (maybe not well, but at the VERY least alive). Despite the message being one of anger, Kevin explains that he decoded the last of the tablet because he realizes how important it is.

The boys head to Colorado after the research Sam does reminds him of a Native American symbol he came across. This is where we find out how exactly Sam is changing. Sam can now hear Metatron, as it appears the two are connected. Sam begins to see things from his early childhood with a large amount of clarity, and he realizes that he is being purified. Right now, it’s safe to assume that Sam may actually be turning into a vessel for God, but it’s all speculation. This speculation is fueled by the fact that Metatron explains that writing a book is basically like your becoming God, because god fucking forbid that any of this be easy, right?

Our boys track down the scribe of God and only end up discovering that he knows nothing, which is just unhelpful. That fact alone is made worse by the fact that he doesn’t even know who the Winchesters are, I guess you can say that he’s been living under a Supernatural rock of some kind. You’d think the scribe of God would KNOW who the are, considering the books Chuck Shirley wrote would one day be known as the Winchester Gospel.

Metatron has actively chosen to live his life under a big banner of avoidance in regards to the angel world, and instead chooses to stay home and read every story that he can possibly find, and he clearly managed to avoid the Supernatural book series at all costs. He finds himself quite fascinated by what humanity has done with God’s gift of life. Dean is beyond pissed that Metatron would rather sit on his ass reading than lift a fucking finger to help them out at a time like this. Metatron enjoys watching the shit hit the fan, clearly for the sake of his own amusement.

Beloved angel Castiel is still on the run from that noisy bitch Naomi and the other angels. I still can’t stand her, as I’ve mentioned before. Cas has taken to hiding in numerous Biggerson’s locations all over everywhere, why he decided to do that I will never know. Surprisingly enough, this manages to confuse the hell out of the other angels, giving Cas the chance to constantly stay one step ahead. Queen angel bitch Naomi has gotten more than fed up playing all these bullshit games. So she and some of her angel bitch minions smite everyone in the Biggerson’s where Cas is hiding out as a way to compell him to stop running, but Naomi ends up with more game play as Cas refuses to talk, despite being tormented. Say what you will, but the angels version of torture can’t hold a candle lit at both ends compared to what Alistair and Crowley can do.

Crowley is once again proving how much of a douche nozzle he is by keeping Kevin locked up on some sound stage that makes him think he’s back on Garth’s houseboat. Crowley finds out what Naomi and Cas are up to, as he has himself an angel spy. (Honestly, these angels really can’t make up their minds about what side they are on. The seem to switch partners and sides more than swing dancers.) Leave it to the King ofHhell to produce a pretty nifty gun that has bullets made from the angel killing weapon. What’s next Crowley, scrapbooking? Crowley makes threats against Naomi and kidnaps Cas to his lair to find out where exactly he hid the tablet. It becomes clear that Cas actually hid the tablet in his body. Crowley doesn’t even think twice before ripping it out of our sweet angel’s chest cavity. After more than a few choice disgusting moments, Crowley ends up with a weapon that makes the A-bomb look like a damn tinker toy.

In order for Crowley to get all the information he needs about the trials, he’s decided to send in a fake Sam and Dean to find out what Kevin has decoded from the tablet. This plan backfires in a hurry as Kevin discovers that he’s being trick, because the real boys aren’t THAT polite, by any stretch of the word. Kevin manages to trick the Nick At Nite polite Sam and Dean into a devil’s trap. Cearly, these demons aren’t using any real brain power to avoid getting stuck, but that works in our favor! Crowley taunts Kevin by explaining that he isn’t needed anymore because he finally has the tablet (Come on Crowley, you didn’t think it was gonna be THAT fucking easy, did you?) As Crowley goes to gank Kevin for good, a light brighter than the fire of a thousand suns shines down and zaps the crap out of Crowley! Hip hip, HOORAY!

Metatron knows how to make an impressive entrance, as he gets off his ass and decides to pitch in. He helps get Kevin back to the guys, while Kevin explains that even though he got the other half of the tablet. He no longer needs it because he’s decoded it and knows what the last trial is. Sam’s third and final test is that he has to cure a demon. Supernatural wouldn’t be the kind of show that it is if everything serious the boys ever faced just happen to be insanely easy, and the show would suffer as a result.

Cas manages to escape and ends up lying in the middle of the road, just barely being clipped by the Impala, and the boys get dear old Cas and Kevin back. I found myself feeling bad for those innocent people who just wanted to eat some Denny’s like food and then they end up with no eyes like Pamela did.

Next week in the second to last episode of this season.Depressing I know, but there’s lots to look forward to! Next week, Crowley decides to gank every single person that the boys have ever saved in the past 8 years! The preview implies that Sam and Dean may be watching some old films. One of which looks like when they tormented Abbadon earlier this season. This was a fairly emotional episode and it had it’s pretty gross moments that actually made me feel sick to my stomach. All in all, great episode! It’s been nothing short of an amazing season, and I am just dying to see how this will end. Hopefully, it gives us fans what we really want! Sound off, what did you like or dislike about the episode, we’d love to hear from you!

Until next week, as always,  stay classy!


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