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Television / Recaps / Fandom / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Deception And Dismissive Demons Are The Themes In This Week's 'Supernatural'

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/09/2014 12:37 am
PopWrapped | Television
Deception And Dismissive Demons Are The Themes In This Week's 'Supernatural' | Supernatural
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Last season of Supernatural ended with Dean becoming a demon, presumably the new Knight of Hell. This season starts with Sam torturing a female demon about information on Crowley's whereabouts. Sam has his iconic "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you and you're going to like it" smouldering look thing going on. She refuses to give him any. Four weeks later, Sam thinks he's found something and calls up a chronically-coughing Castiel. They discuss how they hope Dean is still Dean. Then we have Dean karaoke. Okay. That's not something you see everyday. A drunk Dean doing karaoke rather shittily, as many characters noted. Crowley is not impressed. Soon after, he sexes up what is presumably a demon chick. In Crowley's bed, no less. Then they play foosball with two other demons to determine who will buy lots of beer. Castiel, in all his broken-down, hotel-room glory is visited by Hannah the angel. She looks embarrassed, and he claims to sense awkwardness, before looking down and realizing his bathrobe is open and he's naked. Cleaned up, Cas asks how the angels are doing without a leader. They are governing themselves, and Metatron's still in jail permanently. Most angels have returned to heaven, but a few refused and have even killed a couple for asking. Hannah seeks his help in bringing them to justice, and Cas agrees. Sam's following the death/disappearance of someone he suspects to be possessed, which leads him to a convenience store video recording of Dean killing a demon. The video is paused by Sam at a point where Dean's eyes are black all over -- the trademark sign of a demon. Sam now knows Dean is a demon. Or possessed. The photo is faxed to the home of a former marine who is now a family man. The son hands his father the fax and when he's gone, the mother asks if it's him. He packs all his weapons and the photo is shown of Dean from the camera footage sans black eyes. Hannah questions how Castiel's doing, noting his fading grace is causing him physical/health problems. He snaps at her, questioning whether another angel needs to die so that he may live. They leave. Sam investigates the scene where Dean murdered the demon, has an interaction with an oddly likeable cashier at the gas-n-sip, and is given the dead man's phone. He looks up numbers and calls one, which puts him through to Crowley. They chat about how long it took him to find them. Sam believes that Dean is dead and that there's a demon wearing his body like a meatsuit. Crowley corrects him, saying that it's 100% Dean, courtesy of the Mark of Cain. Sam declares he'll save Dean, and Crowley says that's not the issue, what's really bothering Sam is how Dean is with Crowley and having the time of his life. He's his "best friend". The entire time, Sam's been tracing the call and has a location: Beulah, North Dakota. Hannah and Castiel's tracking leads them to an idyllic little pond/creek. A man is fishing. It's an angel, Daniel. They have a conversation about fishing that is a metaphor/allegory of him wanting to be free and how fish that truly want their freedom will fight. Hannah wants to fight him, but Castiel says no and that they can convince him, as well as not knowing where the other one, a female, is. Crowley reveals to Dean he's been sending Abaddon's supporters after Dean, in order to keep him sharp. It's revealed that he needs to keep killing demons to sate the Mark of Cain lest he turns into one himself. So...what exactly is he now? Turns out Crowley's actually hating hanging out with Dean because they're supposed to be doing work and being actual demons. He tries to convince Dean they can be the perfect dream team, as the King of Hell and Dean Winchester. He also lets slip that he talked to "Moose" (Sam) earlier, and may have let slip too many words and too many feelings. Dean accurately deduces that Crowley intentionally let the call go on for too long to let Sam trace it. Crowley snaps at Dean and tells him to get his shit together. Sam's driving down the road but his Impala breaks down. The former marine shows up, and from their dialogue, it doesn't look like they know each other. So who sent him the photo of Dean? He opens up the hood, and shows Sam the problem. Sam questions what is it, and the man says, "That's a kill switch. And this here's the remote." Before Sam can reach into the back of his pants for his gun, he's knocked out by the guy. Dean stumbles drunkenly through life for a few nights, until his fuck buddy stops him. And Dean's dialogue yet again proves why I intensely dislike his character. Hannah and Castiel talk with Daniel and Adina, but talks go sour and they end up fighting. To protect Hannah from being killed (by Daniel, who didn't want to fight but was willing to if it meant saving Adina), Castiel killed him and Adina fled. Both were injured in the struggle. Sam is trussed up to a chair in a warehouse by the former marine. Turns out he knows Dean and was a good friend, but is now hunting him. Hannah and Castiel have a conversation about the role of angels, and while Hannah believes chaos turns angels bad, Castiel believes that it also gives rise to things like love, hope, dreams, etc. Hannah doesn't seem to comprehend that, though, because she simply says, "...But those are human things." To which Castiel solemnly agrees. The former marine calls Dean on Sam's phone, and when he threatens to kill Sam if he doesn't come back, Dean simply dismisses him and says that's Sam's problem, but he will eventually kill the man anyways.
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