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Television PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural Season 10 Finale: What Every Fan Needs To Get Through The Episode

Susan Booth | PopWrapped Author

Susan Booth

05/21/2015 11:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural Season 10 Finale: What Every Fan Needs To Get Through The Episode | supernatural
Media Courtesy of Supernatural Wikia

Today is the day every Supernatural fan has either been looking forward to, or dreading like the plague. It feels like it's all come down to this, and no one has any idea what to expect, myself included. This season has been one of my favorites, excluding Charlie's death, which ripped my heart out! With Dean continuing to struggling with the Mark Of Cain and Sam doing his absolute best to try and save his big brother, there's no telling what will happen in tonight's season 10 finale. I know we are all excited, nervous and maybe even a little bit scared to watch it for fear that it emotionally destroy us. But, we are a big part of the Supernatural family and we will get through this together.

With that in mind, I have come up with a list of things I believe all fans should have available to them for the finale tonight. Please note: If you, like me happens to live on the west coast, you will notice that Supernatural may be airing later than it's scheduled time because of the Giants game. It sucks, but it's better that it comes on later rather than not at all.

Now, back to the list of essentials you will need to get through tonight's episode, as well as some guidelines one should always follow in order to avoid SPOILERS, because they will be spreading like wildfire and it will very difficult to avoid no matter how hard you try.

1.) STAY OFF THE INTERNET!!! Jeremy Carver, writer for Supernatural as well as Jared Padalecki have told fans that this finale is going to be INTENSE! The only way to truly avoid ANY and ALL spoilers is to stay away from the internet, plain and simple. Put your laptop or tablet away and turn off your phone. Trust me, you'll thank me for it later!

2.) Tissues: Whether or using toilet paper, Kleenex or paper towels it is always best to keep these handy! Hell, use your shirt sleeve if you have to, but it's important to be prepared because if you look back at every season finale of Supernatural, then you know as well as I do that a t-shirt sleeve isn't going to be enough.

3.) Snacks: This one is pretty obvious, snacks are always great to have when you're settling in to watch a season finale of your favorite show, but it is wise to suggest that you try and stay away from foods that you can easily choke on, as the writers of this show have a knack for shocking the crap out of us when we least expect it.

4.) Cuddle Buddy: It's always a good idea to have someone or something to cuddle with in case something happens that makes you sad enough to seek comfort in something or someone. I suggest a favorite pillow, loved one or close friend to share with you in a time of fan grief. If you lack such things, a pet or stuffed animal will work as well, as long as you don't strangle them when you get mad at your favorite show.

5.) Blankets: I have a Supernatural blanket that I will use to watch this finale with as a tribute to the show and to provide me with comfort and warmth. Sadly for me, my son Dean (named after the older Winchester) has claimed it, leaving me to seek comfort in something other than the Supernatural blanket. Blankets help in comforting you and at times shielding your eyes from something you don't want to see.

6.) Liquor: I'm not suggesting that all of us fans get completely hammered, mainly because there are a lot of fans who are not legally able to drink yet. However, if you are a Supernatural fan of legal drinking age, it couldn't hurt to have a beer or two to make you relax a little bit. It may also help you with the ending, in case the s**t hits the fan and you can't handle it.

7.) Put Away Anything You Can Throw: In the season where Bobby died, I got so upset because I was pregnant that I threw my Xbox controller, breaking it and my T.V. If you can throw it,put it somewhere other than the room you're watching Supernatural in.

8.) Don't Post Online: If you happen to be one of the lucky few who see the finale before the rest of the world, be kind to those who haven't and keep all thoughts, comments, questions and concerns to yourself. There's nothing worse than ruining it for your friends.

9.) Remember, It's Just A Show: I know we all love Supernatural and it's stars, but, it's always good to remember that no matter what happens it's just a show (that we are VERY attached to). When thing's don't go the way we expect them to, we fans have been known to lose our heads.

10.) Have Fun: This is the most important of all thing you need to do to get through the finale! Sure, it may be the end of Supernatural season 10, but we still have season 11 to look forward to! Get some friends together, or settle down with a loved one and enjoy the exciting ride that is a Supernatural season finale!

My recap of Supernatural's season 10 finale will follow this post as soon as it airs in my time zone. Until then, do as Demon Dean doesn't and stay classy!

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