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Supernatural Showrunner Jeremy Carver Talks Ratings, Decisions, And Ex-Angels

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 8:45 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural Showrunner Jeremy Carver Talks Ratings, Decisions, And Ex-Angels
Media Courtesy of CW
Susan Booth

Staff Writer

There’s nothing better than seeing just how far Supernatural will go! We are nine seasons in, and it stands to reason that Supernatural could keep going for more than ten seasons!

Last week, our beloved hunters managed to get the best series ratings in three years! HOORAY!! Sam and Dean’s relationship still has a fresh feel to it, which we fans just love, but it’s also been proven that Supernatural is stronger than ever, just like Dean’s car, ‘Baby’.

E! Online spoke to Jeremy Carver, Supernatural's showrunner, about the huge boost in ratings, and why it is that fans are still into the series after nine wonderful years!

"It's really a testament to the incredible fans that we have, and I think, I mean, my only guess is that their enthusiasm is starting to have an effect on other folks, because it appears new people have been checking it out," he explains.

"I think they have such a strong presence online, whether it be Tumblr, or the various boards, or even on Twitter, that I think other folks are catching that level of excitement and it's really, really exciting."

One thing that’s always been so appealing about the Winchester boys, is that no matter how hard everyone tries, whether it be angels or demons, there’s just no killing these guys!

This is a storyline that the writers have used more than once, and it still manages to work!

Carver said, "It's not even necessarily the brothers saving each other. The show works best when it's the brothers facing some conflict together.

"It's not just facing a monster. If it was just how do we kill this monster of the week, the show would not be on the air, to be perfectly frank. It's a show that has infused this brotherly relationship and extending it to the supporting characters, so it's this familial structure that keeps people coming back," he continued.

Sam and Dean’s relationship will once again be put to the test, considering Dean convinced Sam not to close the gates of hell forever, not to mention let the angel Ezekiel take over Sam’s body without his knowledge.

Carver said, "Dean, for the first time in a long time, has made two enormous decisions that are really going be driving the mythology in ways expected and unexpected, and that's a really heavy burden for him to be shouldering.

"One particularly more difficult because people he might be able to talk to about this, he can't—in particular, Sam, because Sam can't know. So it's like, what do you do when you find yourself perhaps that the only person, or one of the few people you can talk to about the angel in your brother Sam is the angel in your brother Sam?"

Carver has promised us fans that the situation in question will give us some humorous moments, heartbreaking moments, and even some moments of an irksome nature.

Basically, this means that Dean will be feeling what everyone feels this year. I can’t even imagine how that will turn out, but I know I can’t wait!

Sadly for us fans, Carver is being very hush hush about when Castiel will be reunited with the boys.

In regards to what Castiel is facing, Carver said, "We're going to see a reunion soon."

Cas is a bit busy with a lot of angry angels and a little thing called humanity, at the moment.

"He is facing this really crucial decision here, where he can adjust and accept what he is now, which is human, in the face of what he used to be. It's a really tricky thing for him, because he's gotta eat, he's gotta sleep, he's gotta wash, he's gotta do all these things. He can't ignore what are the most basic of needs for him now, whereas there's this greater thing going on that pretty much no one knows about," Carver said.

"I think we're gonna find a Cas who's really put through his paces as he's trying to adjust to being human, while also trying to figure out where he stands now, in this greater angel landscape. Of course all the time trying not to be hunted down by the angels who want to kill him."

The second episode in the ninth season of Supernatural airs tonight at 9 pm on the CW Network.


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