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Supernatural Spoilers!


Susan Booth
Staff Writer

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for “As Time Goes By” and “Everyone Hates Hitler”

The mythology of “Supernatural” had a hug spurt in growth last night in “As Time Goes By”, as you may have already read or seen. Now that the boys know their grandfather was a member of the Men Of Letters, we can’t help but wonder where our favorite Sci-Fi fantasy show will take us, and EP Bob Singer gave TV Line a pretty BIG scoop on what we can expect in next weeks episode!

1.) We will see the secret location housing the knowledge of the Men Of Letters. Bob singer says ” The reveal of this place, is a truly stunning set. It’s filled with many mysteries. It may even become a new base of operation for the boys. We are REALLY excited about this, after 8 years of not having a real home base, this will be a home base for quite some time. Everyone is sure to really dig the set design” When they get inside, it’s pristine, almost as though the FBI had it hermetically sealed. It’s just like it was and is perfect neat to boot! The only way to really tell that someone clearly left in a rush is an unfinished game of chess and an full ashtray.

2.) What’s in the room: Go back and look at John’s journal and then multiply it by at least 100. This place contains LITERALLY EVERY source of information that would be interesting to Sam & Dean and then some!

3.)Man Of Letters Represents a BIG twist in regards to the mythology of “Supernatural: It will really make us fans wonder what exactly John would have been like. We now know John’s family history and the why behind how he came to be the way he was in regards to his relationship with his dad. It’s supposed to be something out of left field. John was meant to become a Man Of letters, but instead became a hunter because he needed to.

4.) No More Men Of Letters: The old elder was the last of his kind, so that’s that. No more, sorry.

5.)Casting Henry Winchester: As soon as he read for the role, cast and crew knew he was who they were looking for. He had a great contrast with Sam & Dean, he was so elegant, had more learning under his belt. You could tell when he said “Hunter”, just how surprised and shocked he was.

6.) Why so angry, Dean?: Dean’s relationship with Sam has always been rocky and much more complicated than his relationship with John. Dean has always been very conflicted about his dad and this episode was no exception. Dean will always be in defense of his daddy, more so considering the sacrifice for Dean in the end. He tends to take it a lot more personally than Sam and you see that in “As Time Goes By”.

Supernatural returns TONIGHT at 9PM on the CW!   

Source: TV Line Interview With Bob Singer (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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