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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Supernatural Takes On The Wicked Witch In "Slumber Party"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/30/2013 10:22 am
PopWrapped | Television
Supernatural Takes On The Wicked Witch In

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Hello again, my beloved Supernatural fans! This week in the episode entitled “Slumber Party”, the boys welcome the awesome return of Charlie (Felicia Day) as they get ready to taken on the witch. Which old witch you ask? Why the wicked old witch of course! Basically, Charlie dies, gets resurrected and decides to join the rebellion forces in Oz. Just so you know, this is not the Oz you're thinking of. Here’s what happened on Supernatural! Flash back to 1935, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz author Frank Baum’s daughter Dorothy (Yes, THAT Dorothy, is there any other?) brings the Wicked Witch to the Winchesters at the Men Of Letters HQ because she can’t seem to find a way to kill the witch. What happened to just spilling some water on her like last time? It turns out that Baum was in fact a Men Of Letters and Oz just happens to be in the fairy realm. The story of Dorothy’s adventure is actually a war story that ended up being turned in a children’s book. The witch ends up breaking her bonds and Dorothy does the only thing that comes to mind - she binds herself to the witch using some nasty looking grey goop that ends up staying in the Men Of Letters bunker until now…. Dean accidentally knocks over the vial of grey goop while trying to fix one of the older computers. This accident sets Dorothy and the witch free inside the bunker. Can you say, my bad Dean? Sam and Dean figure that since the computer tracked the angels when they fell, that that it could work again to track the angels now that they are on earth. Since the boys don’t know what to do with the computer, they give Charlie a call! Welcome back Charlie, you've been missed! During Charlie’s time away from the boys, she’s been hunting, YAY! Sadly, it hasn't been all she was hoping for. Charlie is looking for some big quests to take on, and have some pretty awesome adventures, despite the boys telling her that it’s not nearly as much fun as it might seem for an outsider. Charlie has even been using Carver Edlund’s Supernatural books, and managed to get her hands on the unpublished books that were uploaded by crazy Supernatural fan, Becky Rosen! Please take a moment to think about this. How in the hell did Becky get her hands on the unpublished works after the boys told Chuck Shirley not to write anymore and after he disappeared into thin air in the season five finale? One day, I will get an answer to this question! That aside, it was a pretty funny moment for us fans, the showrunners really do know how to treat us well! Charlie manages to get her wish when it comes to having a magical adventure, as Dorothy and the witch are freed while Charlie is there. She’s beyond excited to know that her favorite childhood story happens to be true. She is a true fangirl after all! She even knows how to hurt the witch, by getting her with some poppies of course! She finds some poppy dust in the bunker of all places that is used to make four bullets. The bullets aren't going to kill her, but it will hurt her. The bullets come in handy as we find out that the witch is looking for a key that will open any door into a portal to Oz, as she plans to bring her armies back to the present. Crowley is starting to feel more than isolated, and tries to score points with the boys, as he turns out to be helpful against the witch. Nice to see Crowley get his hands dirty, even if it’s just a little bit. Crowley actually sent the witch on a wild goose chase to the kitchen, when the key is actually in Dean’s room. Our boys take absolutely no pity on Crowley, since they still haven’t gotten the demon names they asked for. Personal note: am I the only fan out there who got all excited at seeing just how much Dean has really settled into his room? Dean really seems to be happy having somewhere that he can call home, other than his car after so long. It was so cute seeing all three of them watching Game of Thrones, and Sam talking about spoilers because he wants to read the books. Sam doesn't share in Dean’s happiness about the bunker being home. Since Sam doesn't have any memories of home, he doesn't know what it feels like to lose something that you can’t remember having. When Dean and Charlie go to Dean’s room to get the key, they are ambushed by the witch who tries to kill Dean. However, when going to strike, Charlie jumps in front of him. As Charlie dies, Dean calls for Zeke right as Sam comes running into the room, and Sam sure as hell heard Dean say Zeke. Zeke comes through and says he can only do one thing; gank the witch or save Charlie. Dean has Zeke save Charlie, and she screams “Merry Christmas!” as she comes back to life. Dean is once again lying to everyone about what really went down. Can’t help but notice how good he’s getting at this. Sam becomes pretty suspicious of Dean now that he’s shelled out yet another flimsy lie, and pairing it with the one about Cas leaving the bunker of his own choosing. How could he not be at this point in the season? Sure, we’re only a few episodes in, but still! Charlie was able to figure it out, after Dorothy explained to her that a zap from the witch means you die right then and there, and that Charlie was in heaven with her family for a few minutes. While Charlie did confront Dean about what happened, Dean didn't explain to her what happened. But, she was kind enough not to explain her brush with death to Sam. Another interesting point about this episode: Although the boy’s matching tattoo’s seem to protect against pretty much everything, it looks like they don’t work against fairy magic. Who knew? It was also funny to see Charlie kick Dean in the groin in order to get away from them and go after the witch. Charlie ganked the witch just before the flying monkeys start to head for the door. She then kills the witch with the red high heels that Dorothy gave her, DEATH BY SHOE!!! Charlie’s line, “Ding dong bitches!” was my favorite from this episode! After Charlie gets an idea of what Oz is like, she decides to go with Dorothy back there to have an adventure, and find Dorothy’s dog, Toto. Charlie has a pretty heartbreaking goodbye with our boys, mainly because Charlie is really a part of the Winchester family business. Seeing Charlie leave us again so soon was so sad, given the fact that we had just gotten her back! As Dean wonders if Charlie will ever return, Sam says, “There’s no place like home.” Sam actually called the bunker his home! Perhaps this can be taken as a sign that he is starting to see it the way that Dean does. It would have been nice if Dean had been able to confide in Charlie about the problems with Zeke and being unsure about what he should do in regards to the more than sticky situation he’s in. That, and allowing Sam to be given an angel pacemaker in order to keep him alive. All these lies Dean has been telling are not only adding up, but they just keep getting worse and worse. How long do you think it will be before Sam starts to figure out that something is seriously out of joint? WiIl Sam start digging around and try and find out the mystery behind who Zeke is? Until next week, do as Dean does and stay classy! Next week on Supernatural: Dean turns into a dog! No, I’m not kidding. I don’t know the deal behind Dean starting to act like a dog, but that’s what next week is for!


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